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  Annual Meetings of Indian Ocean Global Ocean Observing System (IOGOOS) - XV Integrated meetings of IOGOOS 15 annual meeting and its allied program meetings at Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa during 11 - 15 March,2019

Annual Meetings of
Indian Ocean Global Ocean Observing System (IOGOOS) - XV
Integrated meetings of IOGOOS 15 annual meeting and
its allied program meetings at Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa during 11-15 March, 2019


a. Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
Contact: Professor Mike Roberts, UK-SA Bilateral Research Chair, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton - Nelson Mandela University,, mobile +44 7947 906306 (UK)/+27 82 496 4190 (SA).

b. UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission Perth Programme Office (IOC PPO), Perth, Western Australia, Australia.
Contact: Dr Nick D'Adamo, Head IOC PPO,, Ph mobile +61 (0) 409 680 247 / Office +61 8 92262899.


On behalf of all groups meeting during the conference week, the conference organisers would like to acknowledge Nelson Mandela University, the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR), the Indian Ocean Global Ocean Observing System (IOGOOS) and UNESCO IOC PPO as major sponsors and supporters of the 2019 International Indian Ocean Science Conference.

We also wish to acknowledge: Nelson Mandela University for local support in hosting,coordination, arrangements and logistics; the British Consulate for sponsoring the Monday evening cocktails, the SOLSTICE robotics VIP Demonstration and the Mariner Robotics WIO Workshop; and the Western Australia Global Ocean Observing System Inc. (WAGOOS),through Chair Dr Ray Steedman, for WAGOOS's administrative support to the IOC Perth Programme Office in its co-hosting role.


See Attachment 1 for the finalised conference schedule. In summary, the integrated set of meetings comprise:

  • 3rd meeting of the Second International Indian Ocean Expedition (IIOE-2) Steering Committee;
  • 3rd15th annual meeting of the Indian Ocean Global Ocean Observing System Regional Alliance (IOGOOS);
  • 15th annual meeting of the CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Region Panel (IORP);
  • 9th annual meeting of Sustained Indian Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (SIBER) of IMBER/IOGOOS;
  • 9 th annual meeting of the Indian Ocean Observing System (IndOOS) Resource Forum (IRF) of IOGOOS;
  • IndOOS Review Workshop;
  • 7 th meeting of the IOC Regional Committee for the Central Indian Ocean (IOCINDIO);
  • West Indian Ocean / South African marine scientific presentations; and
  • West Indian Ocean marine ocean observing / robotics workshops and demonstrations (various; SOLSTICE led)
  • CONFERENCE VENUE (18-23 March 2018)

    Main Venue: North Campus Conference Centre ( Nelson Mandela University, University Way, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa. The IIOE2/IORP/SIBER/IRF/IndOOS/IOGOOS/IOCINDIO meetings will be held here.

    The university is on the western edge of a suburb called Summerstrand (See Figures 2-4). It is isolated in that there are no hotels in the immediate vicinity (see Accommodation below).

    SOLSTICE Robotics VIP Demonstration: Ocean Science Campus (OSC)

    The SOLSTICE Robotics VIP Demonstration will be held at the Ocean Science Campus (OSC). The OSC is some 500 m away from the main venue. This will be focused on the invited VIPs and optional for delegates.

    Marine Robotics Workshop (WIO focus): This half day event will be held in the smaller auditorium (adjacent to the main auditorium) in the North Campus Conference Centre. Invited delegates.See Attachment 2 for a location maps of the North Campus Conference Centre and the Ocean Science Campus.


    All international flights go through Johannesburg, the largest city in South Africa. There are several connecting flights a day from Johannesburg to the coastal city of Port Elizabeth. Flight time is about 1.5 hr. Port Elizabeth airport is lovely and small, and very easy to take a taxi right outside the Arrivals entrance to you accommodation in Summerstrand. Journey will take about 10 minutes. Fare should be around $ 10 (R 150).


    Accommodation bookings are the responsibility of participants. Participants are kindly advised to make their hotel and flight bookings as soon as possible.

    The following accommodation notes are for your reference and guidance. Please note that they may be subject to change at the time of booking.

    Important: A shuttle bus will be arranged to collect delegates outside the main entrance of the hotels listed below which will transport them to and from the conference venue.Delegates not staying at these hotels need to walk or obtain their own transport to these collection points.

    It is possible to walk along the beach front (Marine Drive) and onto University Way where the conference venue is situated but this will take about 45 min. It is also easy to arrange a taxi.

    Monday 11 March

    Collection PointTime
    Road Lodge08h00
    The Boardwalk 08h05
    The Beach Hotel 08h10
    Protea Hotel 08h15

    Tuesday 12 to Friday 15 March

    Collection PointTime
    Road Lodge08h00
    The Boardwalk 08h05
    The Beach Hotel 08h10
    Protea Hotel 08h15

    Shuttle bus transfers back to the hotel collection points will leave the conference venues 15 min after the daily closure.

    Summerstrand is the nearest suburb to the venue with several hotels and lots of B&Bs (). The suburb is adjacent to the main swimming beaches with a lovely promenade. Some suggested hotels are given below although there are others. These are all close to each other (1.5 km furthest apart). There are a number of restaurants in Summerstrand too. The hotels listed below are provided as a starting list for your reference and that you may wish to select from. Note that the shuttle bus pick-up points will be at only a number of specific hotels (see above). Rates below (in USD and Rand) are approximate and subject to change. Please check with your own preferred hotel.

    Hotel 1: The Beach Hotel (3.6 km from venue) ****
    Price per night ~$ 125-165 (R 1 800-R 2 400)
    Address: Marine Dr, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6000, South Africa
    Phone: +27 (0)41 502 3050

    Note added on 25 Jan 2019: Beach Hotel advised on 24 Jan 2019 that they can offer a special rate - anyone wishing to enquire on what rate is available will need to contact the Hotel directly or contact number 041 502 3050.

    Hotel 2: The Boardwalk Hotel (3.7 km from venue) *****
    Price per night ~$ 170-330 (R 2 400 - R 4 700)
    Address: Beach Road, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6001, South Africa
    Phone: +27 41 507 7777

    Hotel 3: Protea Hotel (Marriott) Port Elizabeth Marine (2.9 km from venue) ***
    Price per night ~$ 140-170 (R 2 000-R 2 400)
    Address: Marine Drive, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth 6001 South Africa
    Phone: +27 41 583 2101
    Email: reservations via website

    Hotel 4: Town Lodge Port Elizabeth (3.8 km from venue)**
    Price per night ~$ 70 (R 1 000)
    Address: 50 Beach Rd, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6013, South Africa
    Phone: +27 41 509 2000
    Email: (See website)

    Hotel 5: Road Lodge Port Elizabeth (3.8 km from venue) *
    Price per night ~$ 50 (R 700)
    Address: Marine Dr, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa
    Phone: +27 41 583 4404
    Email: (See website)

    Bed & Breakfasts (B&Bs)
    There are many very fine B&Bs in the back streets of Summerstrand which can be found on the internet. Prices generally range from about $ 40-75 (R 600 - R 1 000) per night and usually include breakfast.
    If you do stay at other accommodation, please ensure that you note that you will have to walk (or obtain your own transport) to the bus shuttle collection points (again, see above).


    To register for IIOSC 2019 please click: tickets-53673984332

    This will direct you to the Eventbrite website, where payment can be made by credit card.You will be able to register for your respective chosen days of attendance, on a day-by-day basis. A daily registration fee of $76.16 Australian Dollars applies. Please check the conference schedule (Attachment 1) to identify which days you will need to register for.for catering purposes, please indicate if you have any dietary requirements.Participants are kindly reminded that registration fees are required to be paid in advance of the conference via the Eventbrite payment link (above). When you first arrive please confirm your registration data and receive your conference badge along with other useful information at the registration desk, which will be located in the conference foyer and will be staffed at the following times:

    - Monday 11 March 8am - 9am
    - Tuesday 12 March 8am - 9am
    - Wednesday 13 March 8am - 9am
    - Thursday 14 March 8am - 9am
    - Friday 15 March 8am - 9am

    The desk will have records of the days you have paid to be registered. If you arrive when the desk is unattended, please identify yourself to one of the meeting organisers as soon as possible.
    Important: Please wear your badge at all times as it is important that you are identifiable as a conference attendee and for catering purposes.


    The Conference will be officially opened at 9am on Monday 11 March at the North Campus Conference Centre, Nelson Mandela University. See Attachment 2 for a map of the Nelson Mandela University.


    (See full meeting schedule at Attachment 1 )

    Date (2019)


    Principal contact person for general information on the meeting/event of the day

    Mon 11 Mar

    Opening Ceremony,
    SOLSTICE Robotics VIP Demonstration, South Africa / WIO Sessions

    Mike Roberts

    Tue 12 Mar

    IIOE-2 Steering Committee Meeting

    Nick D'Adamo

    SOLSTICE-led WIO Marine Robotics Workshop

    Mike Roberts

    Wed 13 Mar

    IIOE-2 Steering Committee Meeting

    Nick D'Adamo


    Justin Ahanhanzo(IOCINDIO Secretariat)

    Thu 14 Mar

    IndOOS Review Workshop

    Jing Li


    Nick D'Adamo

    Fri 15 Mar


    Jing Li


    Raleigh Hood


    Nagaraja Kumar


    Detailed agendas for all meetings are being prepared by the respective co-chairs/secretariats. Please visit the IIOE-2 website [] to directly access available agendas. If you have any questions about the agendas, please direct them to the appropriate co-chairs/secretariats (see the names and emails of those personnel in the table of Section 9, above) in the first instance or if necessary to Nick D'Adamo at

    • IIOE-2 Steering Committee Meeting :
    • IOCINDIO-7 : will be updated shortly
    • IndOOS Review Workshop : will be updated shortly
    • IRF-9 :
    • IORP-15 : will be updated shortly
    • SIBER-9 :
    • IOGOOS-15 :


    • All co-chairs/secretariats will need to have a laptop from which they can run their meetings.It is advisable that you are equipped with both HDMI and RS232 laptop-to-projector connectors. The meeting organisers will require copies of all presentations by the end of each day, and the co-chairs/secretariats will be approached to ensure that these are provided. Your assistance in compiling these is appreciated.

    • All participants please note that presentations given at the conference will be made available to participants (in PDF format) following the conclusion of the conference - individual requests on a daily basis may not be accommodated.


      South Africa operates on a 220V supply voltage at 50Hz. Conference participants (e.g. from Japan, USA and Canada, which use 100/120V 50/60Hz) may need to consider the need for a voltage converter.

      South African power plugs and sockets across types D, M and N.

      • Type D: mainly used in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and some African countries. This socket only works with plug D.
      • Type M: looks like plug D, but with larger pins. This socket only works with plug M.
      • Type N: used in Brazil and South Africa. This socket also works with plug C.
      • Participants are recommended to bring appropriate Power Adapters to enable use of wall sockets.
      • Meeting co-chairs/secretariats will be advised of the AV facilities at the venue. Please be mindful of the need to bring the appropriate adaptors to ensure you can connect your laptops to enable you to run your meeting sessions.
      • Kindly keep phones on silent during sessions.
      • Please note that power outlets are limited within the meeting rooms. It is recommended that you come with your laptop and other electronic devices charged. Thank you.


      For each day of the conference, registered delegates will be provided with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. The local hosts may provide sponsored evening receptions and/or dinners on selected nights, but these are yet to be confirmed. Any sponsored functions/dinners will be advised in due course. Vegetarian and vegan options will be provided. Please complete the online registration to identify your dietary requirements.