ESSO-INCOIS-Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

ESSO - Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

(An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India)
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ESSO-INCOIS is an autonomous institute under the administrative control of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India and a member of the Earth System Science Organization (ESSO), chaired by the Secretary to Government of India for Ministry of Earth Sciences. ESSO-INCOIS was registered as a society under the Andhra Pradesh (Telengana) Public Societies Registration Act (1350, Falsi), at Hyderabad on 3rd February 1999. The affairs of the Society are managed, administered, directed and controlled, subject to the Bye laws of the Society, by the Governing Council.

INCOIS Byelaws

Organization Structure of ESSO - INCOIS w.e.f. 11th May, 2023

INCOIS structure

Activity Grouping:

In order to achieve operational and research efficiencies across the full spectrum of activities encompassing the institutional mandate and future aspirations, INCOIS activities and human resources are re-organised into three Groups and eight Divisions, with key personnel and responsibilities as follows:

Group Division Prime Responsibilities
Ocean Modeling, Applied Research & Services(OMARS) Group Applied Research and Research to Operations (ARO) Service Enhancements, Research to Operations, Product Validation, User Engagement, Commercialization
Ocean Modeling & Data Assimilation (OMDA) Ocean and Coastal Modelling, Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Modelling, Data Assimilation, Model enhancements through process studies
Operational Ocean Services (OOS) Ecosystem Services (Potential Fishing Zone, Coral Bleaching Alert, Harmful Algal Bloom) and Multi-Hazard Early Warning Services (Tsunami Early Warning, Storm Surge Early Warning, Ocean State Forecast, High Waves, M S & R, Oil Spill, etc.)
Ocean Observations,Data and Information & Communication Technology (ODICT) Group Ocean Data Management (ODM) Data Acquisition & Processing, Quality Control, Data Products,Ocean Data Management and Data Services
Ocean Observation Network (OON) Ocean observation Platforms, Process specific observations
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Computing Facilities, Communication Facilities & Ground Stations, Application Software Development, Engineering Services & Estate Management
........ Program Planning & Coordination and Capacity Development (PPC) Program Management, Communication & Outreach, International Affairs, Regional Centres, ITCO-Ocean Programmes, Competency Development, Academic Programmes, Knowledge Resource Centre
........ Executive Support Services (ESS) Accounts & Finance, Purchase & Stores, Personnel & General Administration

ESSO-INCOIS Society (w.e.f. July 06, 2022 to till further orders)

1.Hon'ble Minister, MoES President (Ex-Officio)
2.Minister In-charge in the concerned Scientific Ministry, Govt. of Telangana Member (Ex-Officio)
3.Secretary, MoES Member (Ex-Officio)
4.Secretary, Department of Space Member (Ex-Officio)
5.Secretary, Department of Scientific & Industrial Research Member (Ex-Officio)
6.Principal Secretary In-charge of the Department handling MoES or concerned Scientific Ministry, Govt. of Telangana Member (Ex-Officio)
7.Joint Secretary, MoES Member (Ex-Officio)
8.Financial Advisor, MoESMember (Ex-Officio)
9.Dr. Harsh K Gupta, Former Secretary, DoD/ MoESMember (Expert)
10.Dr. P.S. Goel, Former Secretary, MoES Member (Expert)
11.Dr. Shailesh Nayak, Former Secretary, MoES & Director, NIASMember (Expert)
12.Dr. K. Radhakrishnan, Former Chairman, ISROMember (Expert)
13.Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy, Secretary, Department of Defence, R&DMember (Expert)
14.Dr. K. J. Ramesh, Former Director General, IMD Member (Expert)
15.Director, INCOISMember Secretary (Ex-Officio)

ESSO-INCOIS Governing Body (w.e.f. April 25, 2022 to till further orders)

1.Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of IndiaChairperson (Ex-Officio)
2.Joint Secretary, Ministry of Earth SciencesMember (Ex-Officio)
3.Financial Advisor, Ministry of Earth SciencesMember (Ex-officio)
4.Chairperson, RAC-INCOISMember (Ex-Officio)
5.Scientist G/H, Ministry of Earth Sciences & Program Head, INCOISMember (Ex-Officio)
6.Director, INCOISMember (Ex-Officio)
7.Senior most Scientist, INCOISMember (Ex-Officio)
8.Adviser (Earth Sciences), NITI AayogMember (Ex-Officio)
9.Dr. R. R. Navalgund, Former ISRO Distinguished ProfessorMember (Expert)
10.Prof. Sunil Kumar Singh, Director, CSIR- NIO Member (Expert)
11.Dr. V.M. Tiwari, Director, CSIR- NGRIMember (Expert)
12.Dr. Y.V.N Krishna Murthy, Senior Professor, Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology, DOS-ISROMember (Expert)
13.Head/In-charge of Administration, INCOISMember Secretary (Ex-Officio)

INCOIS -Finance Committee (FC) (w.e.f April 12, 2022 to till further orders)

1.Financial Adviser, Ministry of Earth SciencesChairperson (Ex-Officio)
2.Scientist 'G'/'H', MoES & Program Head, INCOISMember (Ex-Officio)
3.Director, INCOIS, HyderabadMember (Ex-officio)
4.Head/In-charge of Administration, INCOISMember (Ex-officio)
5.Director, NIOTMember (Ex-officio)
6.Ms. Mahua Pal. Ex. Dy CAGMember (Expert)
7.Mr. Parveen Kumar Bansal, Ex. Dy CAGMember (Expert)
8.Senior Finance Officer, INCOISMember Secretary (Ex-Officio)

INCOIS - Research Advisory Committee (RAC) (w.e.f. March 29, 2022 to till further orders)

1.Dr. Satish R Shetye, Former Vice Chancellor, Goa UniversityChairperson (Expert)
2.Dr. Vijay Kumar, Scientist 'G', MoES & Program Head, INCOISMember (Ex-Officio)
3.Dr. T. Srinivasa Kumar, Director, INCOIS, HyderabadMember (Ex-Officio)
4.Dr. R. Navalgund, Former ISRO Distinguished ProfessorMember (Expert)
5.Prof. Sunil Kumar Singh, Director, NIO, GoaMember (Expert)
6.Dr. V.M. Tiwari, Director, NGRI, HyderabadMember (Expert)
7.Dr. Y.V.N Krishna Murthy, Senior Professor, Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology, DOS-ISROMember (Expert)
8.Prof. Raghu Murtugudde, Professor, University of Maryland, USAMember (Expert)
9.Prof. Karumuri Ashok, Professor, Hyderabad Central UniversityMember (Expert)
10.Prof. P. N. Vinayachandran, Professor, CAOS, IISc, BengaluruMember (Expert)
11.Dr. R. Jeyabaskaran, Director General, FSIMember (Expert)
12.Prof. Prasad Kumar Bhaskaran, Professor, IIT- KharagpurMember (Expert)
13.Dr. Sudheer Joseph, Scientist -G & Division Head, ARO, INCOIS, Hyderabad Member Secretary (Ex-Officio)

ESSO-INCOIS Management Council (w.e.f. 21.12.2020 to 3 years or till further orders)

1.Director, INCOISChairman
2.Group Director, OMARS Member
3.Group Director, ODICTMember
4.All Division Heads Members
5.Head, PPCConvener

Internal Committees

Standing Committee on Purchase (w.e.f. 30.11.2021)

1.Dr. Balakrishnan Nair T. M,Group Director, OMARS Chairman
2.Dr. Francis P A,Division Head, OMDAAlt.Chairman
3.Dr. R.Venkat Shesu, Scientist-E, ODMMember
4.Dr. Aneesh Lotliker, Division Head, OONMember
5.Shri. K. Annapurnaiah, Division Head, ICTMember
6.Smt. M. Vijaya Sunanda,Scientist-E, AROMember
7.Dr. N. Srinivasa Rao,Scientist-D, ODMMember
8.Shri. S. Nageswara Rao,Manager(Accounts)Member
9.Shri. Devendra Kumar,Joint Manger(S&P)Member Secretary

Standing Committee on Personnel & General Administration (w.e.f. 17.02.2021)

1.E. Pattabhi Rama Rao,Group Director, OMDA Chairman
2.Hasibur Rahman, Scientist-F, AROAlt.Chairman
3.M. Nagaraja Kumar, Division Head, OOSMember
4.R. Hari Kumar, Scientist-E, AROMember
5.R. S. Mahendra, Scientist-E, AROMember
6.K. G. Sandhya, Scientist-E, OMDAMember
7.V. Venugopala Rao, Scientist-E, ICTMember
8.S. Nageswara Rao, Manager(Accounts)Member
9.V. Subrahmanyam, Joint Manger(Admin)Member Secretary

Redressal of complaints from women at workplace (an Internal Complaints Committee-ICC) (w.e.f. 21.03.2024)

1.Ms. K.G Sandhya, Scientist-E, OMDAChairman
2. Dr. Arya Paul, Scientist-E, OMDAMember
3.Dr. Dhanya M Lal, Scientist-B, AROMember
4. Ms .P. Padmavathi, Sociologist - Representative from NGO/AssociationMember
5. Ms. S.Nirmala Devi, Scientic Assistant-B, ICTMember
6.K. Suhasini, Assistant Manager -ESSMember Secretary

Official Language Implementaion Committee (w.e.f. 04.01.2024)

1.Dr. T. Srinivasa Kumar, Director, INCOISChairman
2.Dr. R. Venkat Shesu, Scientist-FVice Chairman
3.Mr.V. Subrahmanyam, Admin OfficerMember
4.Ms. Rakhi Kumari, Scientific Asst.BMember
5.Dr. Sidhartha Sahoo, Scientific Asst.BMember
6.Mr. H.Nagoji Rao, Sr.ExecutiveMember
7.Mr.Santosh Kumar, Sr.ExecutiveMember
8.Ms. Laxmi Kumari, Jr.Hindi TranslatorMember Secretary