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(An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How we know about the course well ahead of time?

    The list of course to be conducted in future will be made available on the ITCOO web page under the link "Forth coming courses". The link for viewing the same is

  • What is the method of applying for the course?

    A link will be set up giving access to possible participants for filling the required information. The applicant need to fill all the mandatory fields in the applications. The applications are required to read all the necessary instructions before filling the forms.

  • How do we know about the status of applications for any specific course?

    All the applications will be reviewed by a set of experts who are part of the course/training and few applicants among all will be selected based on the content in the motivation field and also the relevance of the training to the applicants background.

  • Whether we will be funded for attending the course?

    Funding depends upon the type of course. If it is a OTGA courses, only the applicant from abroad (Indian Ocean rim) will be funded partially by IODE. All other participants need to bear their own cost to attend the training/courses. For Internal courses by ITCOO there is no funding provided and the applicant has to bear all the cost related to travel, lodging and boarding to attend the course.

  • Is there is any fee associated with the course?

    As of now all the courses are offered free of cost (that is there is no tuition fee for the course). This may be reviewed in future.

  • Is there a accommodation facility for the course participants?

    There are well furnished rooms in guest house which is well within the INCOIS campus. The tariff for the rooms is as follows:

    Single occupancyRs 1000/night
    Double occupancyRs 500/night per person
    Suite roomRs 1600/night

    Occupants can opt for breakfast, lunch and dinner facility available at the guest house. There are also many hotel within 1 Km vicinity of INCOIS campus.

  • How to reach the INCOIS campus?

    Information on reaching INCOIS is given in the link: