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1 InternationalINCOISAugust 23 - 27, 2021Fundamental of Ocean Data Management403070191332102
2 NationalINCOIS18 August, 2021Operational Services Training to Naval Hydrography Officers0005005
3 InternationalINCOIS 26 - 30 July, 2021 Principles of Ocean remote sensing & its applications104771818865153334
4 InternationalINCOIS 07 July, 2021Webinar on " An Observing System Simulation Experiment for Indian Ocean surface pCO2 measurements"13720532881101
5 InternationalINCOIS25 June, 2021Webinar on " Numerical modeling of the coastal circulation around India"13922623698120
6 InternationalINCOIS 19 - 23 April , 2021Fishery Oceanography for Future Professionals (Level : Basic, Batch-2)432568403474142
7 InternationalINCOIS 15 - 19 March , 2021Visualization of Marine Met data (using FERRET)1431759218097
8 InternationalINCOIS 26 February , 2021Webinar: Indian Argo program - Past, Present and Future1331648227086
9 InternationalINCOIS (5th Online Training)January 4 - 7, 2021Fundamental Statistics for Oceanographers21113232235587
10 InternationalINCOIS (4th Online Training) 28 December, 2020Webinar: New Rythms in Indian Ocean12618532982100
11 NationalINCOIS 30 December, 2020Virtual training to Indian Coast Guard officers on Oil spill advisory system to Indian Coast Guards0001753178178
12 InternationalINCOIS(3rd Online Training) 16-20 November, 2020Fishery Oceanography for Future Professionals2702074774814229031380
13 InternationalINCOIS(2nd Online Training) 12 - 14 October, 2020Understanding Sea Level: data analysis and applications(Level:Basic, Batch-1)59238210958167249
14 InternationalINCOIS(1st Online Training)Aug 31 - Sep 04, 2020Discovery and Use of Operational Ocean Data Products and Services16622522880102
15 NationalINCOIS December 16 - 20, 2019Training Course on Remote Sensing and GIS applicationsusing QGIS for Young Faculty/Research Scholar and Post-Graduate Students from School Of Earth Sciences, SRTM University, Nanded, Maharashtra00020113131
16 NationalINCOISDecember 2 - 5 , 2019Training Course on Trainers on Ocean Observation System and Ocean Data Utilization for the IIT- Bhu0003163737
17 InternationalUNESCO-IOC-OTGANovember 25 - 29 , 2019Cooperation in organizing Ocean Teacher Global Academy Training Course on: Ocean Color Remote Sensing741116112738
18 NationalINCOISSeptember 23 - 27, 20193rd Registration fee practical course on ?Tides and its applications in Oceanography000741111
19 NationalINCOIS05 September, 2019One day training course INCOIS Operational Services Training to Eastern Naval Command Officers, Vis0005055
20 InternationalUNESCO-IOC-OTGA26 - 30 August, 2019Cooperation in organizing Ocean Teacher Global Academy Training Course on:Coastal VulnerabilityMapping and analysis using QGIS95141451933
21 NationalINCOIS24 July, 2019One day training course INCOIS Operational Services Training to Naval Hydrography Officers: Advance0002022
22 InternationalUNESCO-OTGA01 - 05 July, 2019Cooperation in organizing Ocean Teacher Global Academy Training Course on:Discovery and Use of Oper6391251726
23 NationalINCOIS17 - 21 June, 20192nd Registration fee practical course on ?Marine Meteorology and Operational Ocean State Forecasting0001001010
24 NationalINCOIS09 - 10 May, 2019An intense short course on Induction Training Program for new entrants of INCOIS?0001261818
25 InternationalUNESCO-IOCINDIO27 May - 1 June, 2019IOCINDIO workshop on 7th Session of the IOC Regional Committee for the Central Indian Ocean (IOCIND141151071732
26 NationalINCOIS25 - 29 March, 20191st Registration fee practical course on ?Marine Phytoplankton - optics, pigment and taxonomy?0001171818
27 NationalINCOIS21- 23 February, 2019INCOIS Operational Services Training to ?Indian Navy Officers (SNOM - Advanced Oceanography Course)?0004155
28 International--10 - 21 December, 2018Training course on International Seabed Authority Trainers3251016
29 InternationalUNESCO-IOC-OTGA26 - 30 November, 2018Cooperation in organizing "Ocean Teacher Global Academy Training Course on:Geospatial Techniques for65111181930
30 NationalINCOIS10 October, 2018INCOIS Service Utilization Training for Indian Air Force Trainee Officers0004488
31 NationalINCOIS24 - 28 September, 2018Training programme on Fish-catch Time-Series Forecasting with R0001992828
32 NationalINCOIS18-19 September, 2018Training Course on Operational Ocean Services, Data and Data Products 0001621818
33 InternationalUNESCO-IOC-OTGA27 - 31 August, 2018Cooperation in organizing Ocean Teacher Global Academy Training Course on:Data Visualization of Marine Met data (using FERRET)37101201222
34 InternationalUNESCO-IOC-Tsunami26 June - 14 July, 20182nd Integrated Intersessional Meetings of ICG/IOTWMS: Training on Tsunami Emergency Maps, Plans and4111521311466
35 InternationalUNESCO-IOC-OTGA18 - 22 June, 2018Cooperation in organizing "Ocean Teacher Global Academy Training Course on:Discovery and Use of Operational Ocean Data Products and Services358751220
36 NationalINCOIS19 - 23 March, 2018Training programme on Remote Sensing of Marine Phytoplankton - optics, pigment and taxonomy0001192020
37 InternationalUNESCO-IOC-OTGA28 August - 01 September, 2017Cooperation in organizing "Ocean Teacher Global Academy Training Course on: Marine GIS Applications 65111151627
38 NationalNational MonsoonJuly 18-21, 2017Seaglider Fundamentals and Data Analysis under Ocean Mixing and Monsoon (OMM) programme0001011111
39 InternationalUNESCO-IOC-OTGAMarch 6-10, 2017Cooperation in organizing "Ocean Teacher Global Academy Training Course on: Discovery and Use of Operational Ocean Data Products and Services527741118
40 NationalINCOISDecember 05 - 07, 2016Ocean Data and Information System - Data and Applications0001782525
41 NationalINCOISNovember 7-11, 2016Indian Ocean Currents : Data, Processing and Applications0001482222
42 InternationalNSS, NERSC & NERCIOctober 16 - 21, 2016International Winter School on Operational Oceanography: Indian Ocean Circulation and Sea Level Vari11213941326
43 InternationalUN-ESCAPSeptember 19-23, 2016Regional Training for Capacity Development in Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems5491011120
44 InternationalPartnership for ObservatiJuly 04-15, 2016Emerging Trends in Ocean Observations and Ocean Data Analysis5272193037
45 NationalINCOISJune 13-17, 2016Tides and Tidal Data Analysis0002262828
46 InternationalUNESCO-IOC-OTGAJanuary 18-22, 2016Ocean Teacher Global Academy Training Course on: Marine GIS for Operational Oceanography661244820
47 NationalINCOISDecember 08 - 12, 2015Trainers on Ocean Data Utilization and Ocean Observation System0001642020
48 NationalINCOISNovember 16-27, 2015Ocean Dynamics : From the Large-scale Circulation to Small-scale Eddies and Fronts0002553030
49 NationalINCOISSeptember 16 - 22, 2015Fishery Stock Assessment and Ecosystem Modelling00040115151
50 NationalINCOISJune 1-12, 2015An Introduction to the Blue Ocean0001772424
51 InternationalUNESCO-IODEMay 18-22, 2015International Training Course on 'Biological Oceanographic Processes'52713122532
52 NationalINCOISFebruary 23-28, 2015Short Course on Advanced Statistical Concepts in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences00012183030
53 NationalINCOISDecember 03 - 06, 2014Trainers on Ocean Data Utilization and Ocean Observation System000991818
54 NationalINCOISNovember 26-27, 2014Trainers & Operators on Ocean State Forecast (OSF) Services0005866464
55 InternationalUNESCO-IOC-OTGANovember 10-14, 2014Ocean Teacher Global Academy Training Course on: 'Ocean Colour Remote Sensing - Data, Processing and Applications'8081642028
56 InternationalUNESCO-IOCAugust 04 - 08, 2014On-Job Training for Oman Tsunami Warning Centre Operators6060006
57 InternationalUNESCO-IOC-TsunamiJune 23-27, 2014IOTWS Regional Workshop on Standard Operating Procedures for Tsunami Warning and Emergency Response 2953460640
58 NationalINCOISApril 2-3, 2014Ocean Information Services for Cyclone Forecasters0001932222
59 InternationalUNESCO-IOC & UN-ESCAPMarch 24-29, 2014Remote Sensing of Potential Fishing Zones and Ocean State Forecast9091141524
60 NationalINCOISJanuary 6-10, 2014Oceanography for the Scientists of Proof and Experimental Establishment000911010
61 InternationalICTP & CLIVARAugust 5-14, 2013Fundamentals of Ocean Climate Modeling at Global and Regional Scales4152142530
62 NationalINCOISJuly 15-26, 2013Ensemble Kalman Filtering - Methods and Algorithms0002373030
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