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Training programme
"Fish-catch Time-Series Forecasting with R"
during September 24 - 28, 2018
Organized by
International Training Centre for Operational Oceanography (ITCOocean)
ESSO-Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services(INCOIS), Hyderabad, India.

About the course:

This is a practical workshop on forecasting fisheries catch time series and documentation with R statistical software. This training aims to enable the participants developing basic forecasting models in R. The afternoon sessions are especially focused on how to create codes, products and applications quickly using R. The course is structured very much towards hands-on so the participants will be creating their own "products" by the end. Data may be provided but participants are advised to bring their own data. A Certificate of Participation will be issued to all successful students.

Course contents:

  1. Forecasting fisheries catch time series with R (Forenoon):
    • Box-Jenkins (ARMA) Models
    • Time-varying regression
    • Exponential smoothing
    • Modelling time series with seasonality
    • Forecast diagnostics and accuracy metrics
  2. Report-writing and Code documentation with R (Afternoon):
    • Intro to RMarkdown
    • Build an R package with RStudio
    • Sharing your work on GitHub: creating websites from R packages and RMarkdown
    • Creating a book with RMarkdown: Intro to Bookdown.
    • Creating and publishing RShiny applications


Dr. Elizabeth Holmes joined NOAA Fisheries in 2000 as a research fisheries biologist. She holds a B.S. in biology and mechanical engineering from Stanford University. She received a Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Washington followed by two post-doctoral fellowships, before joining NOAA. She has developed an EM algorithm for fitting a general constrained version of statistical models and developed the MARSS (multivariate autoregressive state-space) package for fitting these models. Her work at NOAA's northwest fisheries science centre (NWFSC) is used to assist status analyses for declining aquatic species and communities.More about her at :

Classroom support:

Dr. Nimit Kumar and Dr. Sourav Maity (INCOIS), Dr. Smitha B R (CMLRE)

Who can apply?

  • The training program is open to scientists, post-graduate fellows and doctoral students involved in marine fisheries related work with specific reference to fisheries oceanography, resource management and its applications. Priority will be given to self-sponsoring students / working professionals.
  • The trainees are expected to have basic knowledge of oceanography and marine fisheries along with basic statistics and computer skills. Preference will be given to the candidates pursuing their research or building a carrier in the above topics.
  • The trainees should have good working knowledge of English. ITCOocean is committed to promote gender equality. Therefore, applications from women are strongly encouraged.
  • It is expected that participants bring their own laptop computers. R and other associated software are open access and may be installed prior to the programme.
  • Course Fee and Financial support:

    There is no course fee charged for this training course. However, there is no financial support available to attend the same. Hence, the participants are expected to make their own arrangements for all expenses. Preference in admission will be given to candidates who are supported by their own organizations.

    Important Dates :

    • Last date for online application submission: 31st July,2018 @ 5:00PM IST
    • Intimation to Selected candidates: 6th August, 2018
    • Course Date: September 24 - 28 , 2018

    Application :

    The interested candidates may apply online by visiting on or before 31st July, 2018 @ 5:00PM IST

    For Any questions please contact:

    Dr.TVS Udaya Bhaskar
    International Training Centre on Operational Oceanography (ITCOocean)
    Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS)
    (Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India)
    "Ocean Valley", Pragathi Nagar (B.O.)
    Nizampet (S.O.), HYDERABAD - 500 090
    E mail :

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