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B1Information Systems:An Emerging Discipline?Mingers, John
B2Satellite Communication Systems:Design PrinciplesRichharia, M
B3IS Management HandbookBrown, Carol V
B4Windows NT CISCO Internet working with Windows NT and 2000Velte, Toby J
B5Software and Hardware ManagementGoel, S K
B6Earth System ScienceJacobson, Michael C
B7Decision Support Systems and Intelligent SystemsTurban, Efrain
B9A manager's guide to the law and economics of Data NetworksMatsuura, Jeffrey H
B10Database SecurityCastano, Silvana
B11Knowledge based Systems:Techniques and applicationLeondes, Cornelius T
B12Knowledge based Systems:Techniques and applicationLeondes, Cornelius T
B13Knowledge based Systems:Techniques and applicationLeondes, Cornelius T
B14Knowledge based Systems:Techniques and applicationLeondes, Cornelius T
B15Advanced Computer ArchitecturesSima, Dezso
B16Optical fiber CommunicationsKeiser, Gerd
B17Result based leadershipUlrich, Dave
B18Managing the data warehouseInmon, W H
B19Cambridge guide to the weatherReynolds, Ross
B20Elements of forecastingDiebold, Francis X
B21Climate ChangeBurroughs, William James
B22Practical Handbook of Marine ScienceKennish
B23Air-Sea interaction:Laws and MechanismsCsanady, G T
B24Sustainable fishery SystemsCharles, Anthony T
B25A guidebook for Integrated ecological assessmentsJensen, Mark
B26The Ocean engineering HandbookEl Hawary, Ferial
B27Marine and Coastal geographical information systemWright, Dawn
B28Models for Innovation diffusionVijaymahajan
B29Tests of SignificanceHenkel, Ramon E
B30Basic Math for Social ScientistsHagle, Timothy M
B31Basic Math for Social Scientists ConceptsHagle Timothy M
B32Analysis of VarianceHelmut Norpoth
B33Understanding regression analysisScheroeder, Larry D
B34Network AnalysisKnoke, David
B35Regression BasicsKahane, Leo H
B36Encyclopedia of Ocean Science Vol-1Steele, John H
B37Encyclopedia of Ocean ScienceSteele, John H
B38Encyclopedia of Ocean ScienceSteele, John H
B39Encyclopedia of Ocean ScienceSteele, John H
B40Encyclopedia of Ocean ScienceSteele, John H
B41Encyclopedia of Ocean ScienceSteele, John H
B42CRC Concise Encyclopedia of MathematicsWeisstein, Eric W
B43The Sea Around usCarson, Rachel L
B44Social Network AnalysisWasserman,Stanley
B45Parallel Distributed Proceeding: Volume-01Rumelhart, David E
B46Parallel Distributed Proceeding: Volume-02Rumelhart, David E
B47An integrated approach to Software EngineeringJalote, Pankaj
B48Inverse methods in Physical OceanographyBennett, Andrew F
B49Evaluting research articlesGirden, Ellen R
B50Descriptive Physical OceanographyReddy, M P M
B51An introduction to numerical weather prediction techniquesKrishnamurti, T N
B52Modern approaches to data assimilation in Ocean ModelingRizzoli, P Malanotte
B53The ocean circulation inverse problemCarl, Wunsch
B54Atmospheric data analysisDaley, Roger
B55Oracle 8i Data WarehousingCorey, Michael
B56An introduction to efficiency and productivity analysisCoelli, Tim
B57Applied statistics for engineers and ScientistsDevore, Jay L
B58The Complete Reference Java2Schildt, Herbert
B59Programming with JavaBalagurusamy E
B60Object Oriented Programming With C++Balagurusamy E
B61Data analysis using SPSS for windows versions 8 to 10Foster, Jeremy J
B62Wind stress over the OceanJones, Ian S F
B63Indian Ocean in the 21st centuryQasim, S Z
B64Mastering Windows 2000 serverMinasi, Mark
B65Mastering Exchange 2000 ServerGerber, Barry
B66The complete reference LinuxPeterson, Richard
B67Oracle 8iLoney, Kevin
B68The Ocean BasinsWright, John
B69Ocean CirculationBrown, Evelyn
B70SeawaterBrown, Evelyn
B71The complete reference UnixKenneth H Rosen
B72Laser remote sensing of the OceanBunkin, Alexey
B73Ocean ForcastingNadia, Pinardi
B74Fluid Mechanics for marine ecologistsMassel, Stanislaw R
B75Ocean Circulation and TheoryPedlosky, Joseph
B76The Indian OceanRabinsen, Gupta
B77The Indian OceanRabinsen, Gupta
B78Marine GeochemistrySchulz, Horst
B79Data Analysis Methods in Physical OceanographyEmery, William J
B80The Concise Oxford English DictionaryPearsall, Judy
B81Seeing the forest for the treesSherwood, Dennis
B82Indian tide tables 2002The Geodetic and Research Branch
B83Field guide to corals of MauritiusPillay, Ruby Moothein
B84Biological Response SignaturesSimon, Thomas P
B85Global-regional linkages in the earth systemSimon,Thomas
B86An introduction to Underwater Acoustics:Principles and ApplicationsLurton, Xavier
B87Coastal Processes with Engineering ApplicationsDean, Robert G
B88Geosphere-Biosphere interactions and climateLennart O Bengtsson
B89Computer Networks and systems queuening theory and performance evaluationRobertazzi, Thomas G
B90Atmospheric ThermodybamicsBoheren,Craig F
B91Methdology For Land use PlanningGautam, NC
B92Waves in Ocean EngineeringTucker, M J
B93Wave EnergyShaw, Ronald
B94Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences Vol-1Holton,James R
B95Encyclopedia of Global ChangeGoudie,Andrews
B96Introduction to digital librariesChowdhuary, G G
B97E-learning and teaching in library and information servicesAllan, Barbara
B98Managing Acqusitions in Library and Infromation ScienceChapman,Liz
B99Oceanography and Marine Biology:And Annumal ReuiewHarold,Barnes
B100The Physics of AtmospheresHoughton, John
B101The role of water and the Hydrological cycle in Global ChangeOliver,Howard R
B102Ice Ages and Astronomical Causes:Data, Spectral Analysis and MechanismsMuller, Richard A
B103The Atmospheric enviroment offects of Human activityMcElroy,Michael B
B104The Diversity of FishesHelfman, Gene S
B105Computational Ocean AcousticsJensen, Finn B
B106Atmospheric Processes and SystemsThompson,Russell D
B107Integrating geographic information systems and agent-based modeling techniques for simulating social and ecological processesGimblett,H Ranoly
B108GIS and Multicriteria decision analysisMalczewski, Jecek
B109Detecting and modelling regional climate changeBrunet Manola
B110Ocean Circulation and Climate:Observing amd Modelling the Global OceanSiedler, Gerold
B111Remote Sensing Applications In Brakish Water Fisheries : A Socio-Economic StudyBinod C Agrawal
B112Regional Satellite OceanographyVictorov, S V
B113Applied FisheriesShammi,Q.J
B114Coastal Geomorphology:An IntroductionBird, Eric
B115Geographic information systems in oceanography and fisheriesValavanis Vasilis D
B116Fishery Science the unique Contribution of early life stagesFriman, Lee A
B117Living resources of India's:exclusive economic zoneQasim,S Z
B118India's exclusive Economic ZoneQasim.S Z
B119The Indian Ocean exploitalle mineral and Petroleum resourcesRoonwal, GS
B120The Indian Ocean exploitalle mineral and Petroleum resourcesRoonwal, GS
B121Encylopedia of Fluid MechenicsCheremisinoff NP
B122Modeling Dynamic Climate SystemsRobinson, Walter A
B123Fundamentals of Atmospheric modelingJacobson, Mark Z
B124Biotic Feedback In the Global Climatic SystemsWoodwell,George M
B125The report of the Independent world commision on the OceansSoares, Mario
B126An Introduction to Atmospheric ThermodynamicsTsonis Anastasios A.
B127Atmospheric Data Analysis (Camlridge Atmospheric and Space Seience Series)Daley,Roger
B128Mathematical Analysis:An Interactive IntroductionLewin, Jonathan
B129Continental Shelf Limits:The Scientific and Legal InterfaceCook,Peter J
B130Reading in Remote SensingPP&ED NRSA
B131Symbols and Abbreviations used on ChartsCheif Hyderographer, Govt. of India
B132Indian tide tables 2003The Geodetic and Research Branch
B133Dr R R Rao's publicationsRao, R R
B134Descriptive Physical OceanographyPickard, George L
B135Introductory Dynamical OceanographyPond, Stephen
B136The Data Warehouse ToolkitKimball, Ralph
B137HTML:Black Book Cpmprhensive Problem solverHolzner, Steven
B138Let us CYashavant Kanetkar
B139The Data Werehours life Cycle tool kitKimball, Ralph
B140Expert one on One J2EE Design and DevelopmentJohnson, Rod
B141Java Programmer's ReferenceGrant, Palmer
B142The C Programming LanguageKernighan, Brain W
B143Fundamentals of Database SystemsElmasri, Ramez
B144Professional Java Server Programming J2EE EditionSubramanyam Allamarajy
B145MATLAB:The Languaage of Tchnical Computing using MATLAB version 6The Math works
B146Fundamentals of Remote SensingJoseph, George
B147Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous NetworksLastovetsry, Alexey L
B148Regional Oceanography:An IntroductionTomczak, Matthias
B149Statistics and Data Analysis in GeologyDavis, John C
B150knowledge management:Processes and TechnologiesRollett,Flerwing
B151Mathematical Models of FluiddynamicsAnsorge, Rainer
B152Coastal and Estuarine DynamicsDyer, Keith
B153Atmosphere Ocean DynamicsGill Adrian E
B154A Guide to the Project Management Body of KnowledgeProject Management Institute
B155Meterology Understanding AtmosphereAckerman, Steven A
B156GIS for Water Resources and Wayer Shed ManagementLyon,John G
B157Practical GIS analysisVerbyla, David L
B158GIS BasicsStephen Wise
B159the law of the SeaChurchill,RR
B160MATLABThe Math works
B161Oceans 2020Field, John G
B162Remote Sensing fo the earth sciencesRencz, Andrew
B163Online GIS and Spatial MetadataGreen Darid
B164Advanced very high resolution radiometerCracknell, Arthur
B165MatlabThe math lab works
b166Environmental Modeling with GIS and Remote SensingSkidmore, Andrew
B167Principles and applications of imaging RadarHenderson, Floyd
B168Observing global climate changeKondratyev, Kya
B169Map ProjectionsBugayerskiy, lev
B170Geography of AsiaRukhsana, parveen
b171Processing of Remote sensing dataGirard Colette
B172Object Oriented Programming via Fortran 90/95Akin
B173Atmospheric modeling data assimilation and PredictabilityKalnay, Eugenia
B174The Oceans and ClimateBigg, Grant
B175Weather Cycles:Real or ImaginaryBurroughs, William
B176Meteorology Today :An introduction to Weather, Climate and the EnvironmentAhrens, C Donald
B177TidesCartwright, David Edger
B178Spatial Information Technology:Remote Sensing and Geographical information systemMuralikrishna, IV
B179Remote sensing and image interpretationLillesand, Thomas M
B180Mannual of Geospatial Science and technologyJohn R Jensen
B181OceanographyGarrison, Tom
B182Geoinformation Remote sensing Photogrammetry and geographice inforamation systemKonecny
B183Forcast Verification:A practionary Guide in atmospheric scienceJolliffe, Ian
B184Climate ChangeHardy, John T
B185Modelling Geographical systemsBoots, Barry
B186The design and implementation of Geographic Information SystemsHarmon
B187Coastal and Marine Geo-Information Systems:Applying the technology to the environmentGreen, David R
B188Integrated Geospatial TechnologiesThurston Jeff
B189LANs to WANsMuller, Nathan J
B190Dynamics of the atmosphereZdunkowski, Wilford
B191Ocean Atmosphere InteractionToba, Yohiaki
B192Essays on Development issuesGhosh, R N
B193Oceans 2020Field, John G
B194How to Lobby at intergovernmental meetingsDodds, Felix
B195Ocean WavesOchi, Michel K
B196Stochastic Modelling in Physical OceanographyAdler, Robert J
B197Biological OceanographyMiller, Charles
B198Hurricane-Generated SeasOchi, Michel K
B199Java Programming for Spatial SciencesWood, Jo
B200Global Environment Remote SensingOkamoto Ed.
B201Spatial Data QualityShi, Wenzhong
B202Satellites, Oceanography and SocietyHalpern, David
B203Revised check list of Indian marine AlgaeOza, Rohit M
B204Managing Risk in Large Projects and Complex ProcurementsCooper, Dale
B205Professional Java Server Programming J2EE EditionSubramanyam Allamarajy
B206Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Science Vol.2Holton, James
B207Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Science Vol.3Holton, James
B208Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Science Vol.4Holton, James
B209Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Science Vol.5Holton, James
B210Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Science Vol.6Holton, James
B211Encyclopedia of global changeGoudie, Andrew
B212Fundamentals of Remote SensingJoseph, George
B213Hydrographic Atlas of the world ocean circulation experiment (WOCE) Volume 2Orsi, Alejandro H
B214Universal Decimal ClassificationBritish Standards Institution (BSI)
B215A midterm synthesis of the joint global flux studyHanson, Roger B
B216Ocean Biogeochemistry:The role of the Ocean Carbon cycle in Global ChangeFasham, Michael J R Ed.
B217Primary Productivity and biogeochemical cycles in the SeaFalkowski, Paul G Ed.
B218PC Users essential accessible pocket dictionaryDyson, Peter
B219Atlas of the WorldNational Geographic Washington
B220Atmosphere, weather and ClimateBarry, Roger G
B221Nonlinear Processes in Geophysical Fluid DynamicsSatoh, Masaki
B222Atmospheric Turbulance and mescoscale meteorologyFedorouich, Evgeni
B223Coastal Geomorphology:An IntroductionBird, Eric
B224Collins World AtlasCollins, Harper
B225Computer NetworksPeterson, Larry L
B226Digital Image ProcessingPratt William K
B227Early Warning Systems for Natural Disaster ReductionZschau, J
B228Earth Portrait of a planetMarshak, Stephen
B229Encyclopedia of coastal scienceSchwartz, Maurice L
B230Encyclopedia of Geology Vol-1Selley
B231Encyclopedia of Geology Vol-2Selley
B232Encyclopedia of Geology Vol-3Selley
B233Encyclopedia of Geology Vol-4Selley
B234Encyclopedia of Geology Vol-5Selley
B235Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate Vol.1Allaby, Michael
B236Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate Vol.2B236
B237Essentials of MeteorologyAhrens, C Donald
B238Essentials of OceanographyGarrison, Tom
B239Fundamentals of Computational Fluid DynamicsLomax, Harvard
B240Fuzzy Logic in GeologyDemicco, Robert V
B241Global Regional linkage in the earth systemTyson, Peter
B242Great Disaster:Dramatic True Stories of Nature's Awesome PowersKaari Ward Ed.
B243Guide to the OceansPernetta, John
B244Ocean Sciences bridging the MillenniaWright, Gray
B245Chemical Oceanography and the Marine Carbon CycleEmerson Steven R
B246Introdution to Probability and StatisticsMendenhall
B247Introduction to Remote SensingCracknell, A P
B248Introduction to the Biology of Marine LifeSumich, James L
B249Marine GeochemistryChester, Roy
B250Mcgraw-Hill Dictionary of scientific and technical termsLicker, Mark D
B251Nonlinear Processes in Geophysical Fluid DynamicsFuentes, O U Velasco Ed.
B252Object Oriented Technology:from Diagram to Code with Visual Paradigm for UMLTsang, Curtis H K
B253Oceanographic Applications of Remote SensingIkeda, Motoyoshi Ed.
B254Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of the EarthSharkov, Eugene A
B255Professional Java Server Programming:J2EE 1.3 EditionSubramanyam Allamaraju
B256Quantitative SeismologyPaul G Richards
B257Reports of the finance commision of IndiaFinance Commissions of India
B258Satellite ComunicationsPratt, Timothy
B259Satellite Altimetry for Geodesy, Geophysics and OceanographyHwang, C
B260Software Engineering HandbookKeyes, Jessica
B261Satellite Remote Sensing of Natural ResourcesVerbyla, Dvid L
B262SQL:The Complete ReferenceGroff, James R
B263The Lombardi Rules:26 lessons from Vince Lombardi- the world's greatest coachLomardi, Vince
B264The Remote Sensing Data BookRees, Gareth
B265The theory and practice of International financial managementClick, Reid W
B266Thermodynamics of the Atmosphere:Cours in theoretical meterologyZdunkiwski, Wilford
B267Time-Integrative Geographic Information Systems:Management Analysis of Spatio-Temporal DataOtt, Thomas
B268TsunamiSatinder Bindra
B269TsunamiBryant, Edward
B270Wavelets in PhysicsBerg, JC Vander
B271Library Information SystemKochtanek, Thomas R
B272Management of Serials in LibrariesNisonger, Thomas E
B273Numerical MethodsFaires, J Douglas
B274Two dimensional wavelets and their relativesAnotoine, Jean-Pierre
B275Hacking Linux exposedHatch Brain
B276C:The Complete ReferenceSchildt, Herbert
B277Understanding the Linux KernelBovet, Daniel P
B278Stable isotopes and biosphere-atmosphere interaction:Process and biological controlFlanagan, LB
B279Radiative Transfer in the Atmosphere and OceanThomas, Gray E
B280India and the Knowledge EconomyDahlman, Carl
B281A sound mind in a sound bodySideshwar Raj Saxena
B282Upper Ocean Physical Processes in the Tropical indian OceanGangadhara Rao, L V
B283The Seventh International Winds workshopFMI NOAA
B284International Symposium on Natural HAzards (INTROMET-2004)Ramesh, K J Ed.
B286An Atlas of XBT Thermal Structures and TOPEX/POSEIDON Sea Surface Heights in the North Indian OceanGopalakrishna, V V
B287Training on Satellite Oceanography (Feb. 7th - 18th, 2005)ICMAM
B288Unix:Concepts and ApplicationsSumitabha Das
B289Numerical Ocean Circulation ModelingHaidvogel, Dale B
B290Oceanic Hotspots:Intraplate Submarine Magmatism and TectonismHekinian, Roger Ed.
B291The application of remote sensing technology to marine fisheriesButler, M J A
B292Geographical Information SystemsMeaden, Geoffery J
B293Geografic information systems in fisheries management and planningGraff, Gertijan de
B294Encyclopedia of World ClimatologyOliver, John E
B295White Sea:Its MArine Environment and Ecosystem Dyamics influenced by Global ChangeFilatov, Nikolai
B296Operational Oceanography Implementation at the European and Regional ScalesFlemming, N C Ed.
B297An introduction to Dynamic MeteorologyHolton, James R
B298Underwater Acoustic Modeling and SimulationEtter, Paul C
B299Great Tsunami of December 26, 2004 in Sumatra RegionGeological Society of India
B300Satellite Altimetry and Earth SciencesFu, Lee-Lueng Ed.
B301WHP P6, A10, I3/I4 Revisit Data Book:Blue Earth Global Expedition 2003 (BEAGLE 2003)Uchida, Hiroshi Ed.
B302WHP P6, A10, I3/I4 Revisit Data Book:Blue Earth Global Expedition 2003 (BEAGLE 2003)Uchida, Hiroshi Ed.
B303Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans - 7:January 18 - 20, 2006 Hyderabad, IndiaINCOIS
B304Indian tide tables 2006The Geodetic and Research Branch
B305Ocean Weather ForecastingChassinget ERIC P
B306Indian tide tables 2005The Geodetic and Research Branch
B307Nonlinear Physical OceanographyDijkstra, Henk A
B308Handbook of MicrometeorologyLee, Xuhui Ed.
B309Sounds in the Sea:From Ocean Acoustics to Acoustical OceanographyMedwin, Herman
B310The International Climate Change RegimeYamin, Farhana
B311Right to know:A Hands-on guide to the Right to Information ActPrakash Kumar
B312Tsunami Travel Time Atlas for the Indian OceanPrasad K Bhaskaran
B313Tsunami Travel Time Atlas for the Indian OceanPrasad K Bhaskaran
B314Dynamics and Modelling of Ocean WavesKomen, G J
B315Indian tide tables 2004The Geodetic and Research Branch
B316TsunamiSingh, H B Ed
B317Neural NetworksHaykin, Simon
B318Computational Fluid DynamicsAnderson, John D
B319Proceedings of the ISPRS commission IV symposium (A)Shailesh Nayak
B320Proceedings of the ISPRS commission IV symposium (B)Shailesh Nayak
B321Earthquake Spectra:The Great Sumatra Earthquakes and Indian Ocean Tsunamis of 26 December 2004 and 28 March 2005 Reconnaissance ReportIwan, Wilfred D Ed
B322The Turbulent OceanThorpe, S A
B323The Asian MonsoonWang, Bin
B324Wind Generated Ocean WavesYoung, Ian R
B325Developing Cyber LibrariesAshok Babu, T
B326The Near Surface Layer of the OceanSoloviev, Alexander
B327Physical OceanographyJochum, Markus
B328Library Administration and ResourcesShyama Balakrishnan Ed.
B329Assessment methods in Recruitment, Selection and PerformanceEdenborough, Robert
B330Environmental Monitoring and CharacterizationArtiola, Janick F Ed.
B331Movement and Energy metabolism of Marine Planktonic OrganismsPavlova, E V
B332Breeding, Growth Rates, and Production of Marine CopepodsBanse, K Ed.
B333Geophysical Fluid DynamicsPedlosky, Joseph
B334To the Nation For the Nation:Selections from selected speeches of Dr. Manmohan SinghRaj Kapila
B335Ocean Biogeochemical DynamicsSarmiento, Jorge L
B336The Barrier zones in the oceanEmelyanov, Emelyan M
B337UXL Encyclopedia of water ScienceLerner, K Lee Ed.
B338UXL Encyclopedia of water ScienceLerner, K Lee Ed.
B339UXL Encyclopedia of water ScienceLerner, K Lee Ed.
B340Turbulent FlowsPope, Stephen B
B341Produced Water 2:Enviornmental Issues and Mitigation TechnologiesReed , Mark Ed.
B342Water-Quality Engineering in Natural SystemsChin , David A
B343Encyclopedia of Water scienceStewart , B.A
B344Chemical Analysis:Modern Instumentation methods and TechniquesRouessac, Francis
B345Water Science and IssuesDasch, EJulius Ed.
B346Water ScienceDasch, EJulius Ed.
B347Water ScienceDasch, EJulius Ed.
B348Water ScienceB348
B349Processes and consequences of deep subductionRubie, David C
B350An introduction to Atmospheric ThermodynamicsTsonis, Anastsios A
B351Understanding EarthGrotzinger, John
B352Data Analysis using Regression and MultilevelGelman, Andrew
B353Probability Theory:The Logic of ScienceJaynes, E T
B354Applied Stochastic ProcesscsLefebvre,Mario
B355Data Analysis and Graphic Using RJohn Maindonald
B356Prediction of Turbulent FlowsHewitt,G F Ed
B357Remote Sensing With Polarimetric RadarMott,Harlod
B358Advanced Image Processins Techniques for Remotely Sensed Hyper SpectralVarshney, P K
B359The Algorithmic Beauty of Seaweeds, Sponges, and CoralsKanndrop, Jaap A
B360Data Compression:The Complete ReferenceSalomon,David
B361Fisher of the WorldNelson,Joseph S
B362EarthquakesBolt, Bruce A
B363Negotiating Licenses for Digital ResouicesDurrant,Fiona
B364Programming Mobile Devices:An introduction for PractitionersMikkonen, Tommi
B365Communication Systems:Fundamentals and Design MethodsBenvenuto, Nevio
B366Mathematics of Digital Images:Creation,Compression,Restoration,RecognitionHoggar. S G
B367Real Time digital Signal Processins from Matlab to C with the TMS320c6xWelch, Thad B
B368Linux for Embedded and Real-Time applicationsAbbott,Doug
B369Antennas for Portable DevicesChen, Zhi Ning
B370Intranet Performance ManagementTerplan, Kornel
B371Modeling and Verification Using UML StatechantsDrasinsky,Doron
B372Scaling Fisheries:The Science of Measuring the effects of Fishing 1855-1955Smith, Tim D
B373Introduction to Engineering Statistics and Six sigmaAllen,Theodone T
B374Distributed Systems:An A lgorithmic Approach(Chapman 2 Hall/crc Computer and Information Science SeriesGhosh,Sukumar
B375Comuterized Adaptive TestingWainer, Aoward
B376Re-Presening GISFisher,Peter ED
B377Safety Shutdown Systems:Design, Analysis, and JustificationGruhn, Paul
B378The Estuarine Ecogystem:Ecology, Threats and ManagmentMc Luskey,Donalds
B379Oceanography and Marine BiologyMc Luskey,Donalds
B380Accuracy and Stability of Numerical AlgorithmsHigham, Nicholasj
B381Global Positioning Systems, Intertial Navigation, and IntegrationGrewal, Mohinder S
B382Continental RiffsOlsen, K H ed
B383Object Oriented Data Structeeunes Using JavaDale, Nell
B384Web EngineeringMendes, Emilia ed
B385Basics of Software Engineerings ExperimeatationJuristo, Natalia
B386INtroduction to PDES and waves for the Atomosphere and OceanMajda, Andrew
B387Introdution to Environmental ModellingSmith, JO
B388Pattern ClassificationDuda, Richard O
B389Atmospheric ScienceWallace, John M
B390Neural Network for Applied Sciences and EngineeringSandhya Samarasinghe
B391Correlation Pattern RecognitionVijayakumar, BVK
B392Statistical Methods for Quality improvementRyan, Thomas P
B393An Integrated Approch to Software EngineeringPankej Jalote
B394Coastal Environment V in corporating Oil spill StudiesBrebbia, C A
B395Interhemispheric Climate LinkagesMarkgraf, Vera
B396Multidimensinal Global ChangeKondratyev, KYa
B397Numerical Modeling of Ocean CirculationMiller, Robert N
B398Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid DynamicsVallis, Geoffrey K
B399Avoiding Dangerous Climate ChangeSchelln huber Han Joachin
B400Climate into the 21st CenturyBurroughs, William
B401Earth Scince Satellite Remote Sensing. Vol. 1Qu, John J
B402Earth Science Satellite Remote Sensing. Vol. 2Qu, John j
B403Applied Adaptive Statistiacal Methods:Tests of Singnificance and Confidence intervalsO,Gorman, Thomas W
B404Atmospheric DyanamicsGreen, John
B405Cold-Water Corals and EcosystemsFreiwald, Andre
B406Frontiers of Climate ModelingKiethl, j T
B407HurricanesFitzpatrick, Patrick J
B408New Thory of the EarthAnderson, Donl
B409Partial Differential EquationsGockenbach, Marks
B410Radiation in the atmosphereZdunkowski, Wilford
B411The analysis of meansNelson, peter R
B412Treatise on GeochemistryKeeling, R. F
B413Thermodynamics of the atmosphereZdunkowski, Wilford
B414Watd Changing:A wers guide for the 21st CenturySteffen, Alex
B415Predictability of Weather and ClimatePalmer, Tim
B416Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storoge:(IPCC Special Report)Metz, Bert
B417Environmental Hydraulics:Hydrodynamic and Pollutant Transport Modelling of lakes and Coastal waters(Devolpment in water Science 56)Tsanis I K
B418The Ecology of Learning :Sustainability, lifelong learing and everyday lifeBlewitt, John
B419The Encyclopedia of Natural Calamities:A Chrorology of WeatherAllaby, Michael
B420The Encyclopedia of Natural Calamities: Hurri CanesAllaby, Michael
B421The Encyclopedia of Natural Calamities:A Change in the WeatherAllaby, Michael
B422The Encyclopedia of Natural Calamities:DroughtsAllaby, Michael
B423The Encyclopedia of Natural Calamities:Fog, Smog and poisoned RainAllaby, Michael
B424The Encyclopedia of Natural Calamities:BlizzardsAllaby, Michael
B425The Encyclopedia of Natural Calamities:ToenadoesAllaby, Michael
B426The Encyclopedia of Natural Calamities:FloodsAllaby, Michael
B427The monk who sold his ferrari:A fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destinyRobin Sharma
B428Physical GeodesyWellenhof,Bernhard Hofmann
B430Statistical Analysis in Climate ResearchStorch, Hans Von
B431Remote Sensing:Models and Methods for Image ProcessingSchowengerdt, Robert A
B432Time series:Data Analysic and TheoryBrillinger, David R
B433The Seven habits of highly effective peopleCovey, Stephen R
B434The Alchemist:A Magical Fable About Following Your DreamCoelho, Paulo
B435Time Series Modlling in Earth SecienceSahu, B.K
B436Ocean waves and Oscillating Systems:Linear Interactions in Cliding wave -Energy extractionFalnes, Johannes
B437How to campaigns:100 steps to successRose, Chris
B438An Introduction to Seis mological Research:History and DevelopmentHowell, Benjamin F
B439Map ProjectionsGrafarend, Erik w
B440Quantitative Aptitude for competetitive ExaminationsAggarwal, R S
B441Theory and approach of information retrievals from electromagnetic scattering and remote sensingJin, ya Qiu
B442Tsunamis and HurricanesCap, Ferdinand
B443An Introduction to Ocean Remote SensingMartin, Seelye
B444Mesoscopic Physics of Electrons and PhotornsAkkermans,Eric
B445Power to the People:How the Coming energy reuolion, Will transform an Industry ,Changr our lives an dmay fe even save the planetVijay v Vaitheeswaran
B446Rootkits:Sufverting the Windows KernelHoglund,Greg
B447Collaborative geographic information systemShivanand Balram
B448Redar InterferometryKampes, Bert M
B449VolcanismSchmincke, Hans-Ulrich
B450Engineering Wireless-Based Soffware Systems and ApplicationsGao,Jerry Zeyu
B451Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing:Spectral Estimation,Signal Modeling Adaptive Filtering and Array ProcessingManolakis,Dimitris
B452Coastal Planning and ManagementKay, Robert
B453Pervasive Computing:Technology and Architectwre of Mobile Internet ApplicationsBurkhardt,Jochen
B454The Indian Ocean TsunamiMurty, Tad S
B455Marine Fish Landings in India 1985-2004CMFRI
B456Time series analysis regression techniquesOstrom, Charles V
B457Optical Properties and Remote Sensing of Inland and Coastal WatersBukata, Robert P
B458Encylopedia of Physics third, Completely Rovised and Enlarged EsitionGeorge L Trigg
B459Encylopedia of Physics third, Completely Rovised and Enlarged EsitionGeorge L Trigg
B460Global mobile Satellite Communications for Maritime Land And Aeronautical ApplicationsIlcev, Stojce Dimor
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B831A Fishery Manager's GuidebookKevern L. Cochrane,
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B837Why my horse doesn't drink learn to motivate people around youMehrotra
B838Secret of my successOliver Jamie
B839Organization developmentGolembiewski
B840Human Resources ManagementSharma, VK
B841If it is to be it's up to meSmith Thomes B
B842Attitude is everythingKeller Jeff
B843Working with the enemyLeibling Mike
B844How to motivate peopleForsyth Patrick
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B879Fishing EncyclopediaKen Schultz
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B882Climate ChangeKatherine Richardson
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B887Ecosystem Approaches to FisheriesVilly Christensen
B888Ecosystem Based Management for Marine FisheriesAndrea Belgrano
B889Geospatial Information Technology for Emergency ResponseSisi Zlatanova
B890Image Analysis, Classification and Change Detection in Remote SensingMorton J. Canty
B891Java Methods: Object-Oriented Programming and Data StructuresMaria Litvin
B892JAVAHarbet Schildt
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B894How the Ocean WorksMark Denny
B895Data AssimilationWilliam Albert Lahoz
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B898Analog CircuitsRobert Pease
B899Electrical Power System ProtectionC. Christopoulos,
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B904Forecast VerificationLan T. Jolliffe
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B907Computer Security in the 21st CenturyD.T. Lee
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B941Stress Field of the Earth's CrustArno H.W. Zang
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B943Basic electronics engineeringVijay Baru
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B953Phytoplankton PigmentsSuzanne Roy
B954The Theory of Large-Scale Ocean CirculationR. M. Samelson
B955Software TestingYogesh Singh
B956Living with Hon9reShiv khera
B957You can winShiv khera
B958Guide to Computer Network SecurityJoseph Migga Kizza
B959Advanced Numerical Models for Simulating Tsunami Waves and RunupPhilip L. F. Liu,
B960Algorithms and Parallel ComputingFayez Gebali
B961Applied satellite navigation using GPS, GALILEO, and augmentation systemsRamjee Prasad
B962Coastal WetlandsGerardo M.E. Perillo
B963Database management systemsRaghu Ramakrishnan
B964Encyclopedia of Solid Earth GeophysicsHarsh K Gupta
B965Encyclopedia of Solid Earth GeophysicsHarsh K Gupta
B966GPS Theory and PracticeWellenhof, Bernhard Hofmann
B967Information Security FundamentalsJohn A. Blackley
B968Maintenance Engineering HandbookKeith Mobley,
B969Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and PorpoisesErich Hoyt
B970office ManagementBalachandran
B971Purchasing and Supply Chain ManagementWC Benton
B972Six Sigma Statistics with EXCEL and MINITABIssa Bass
B973The SAGE Handbook of Spatial AnalysisA Stewart Fotheringham
B974Advances in 3D Geo-Information SciencesGerhard K Aonig
B975Advances in Earthquake PredictionRagnar Stefansson
B976Advances in Environmental Remote SensingQihao Weng
B977Analysis and Design of Autonomous Microwave CircuitsAlmudena Suarez
B978Distributed and Cloud ComputingKai Hwang
B979Financial Analysis with Microsoft ExcelTimothy R. Mayes
B980Fish Cognition and BehaviorCulum Brown
B981Global Positioning and Remote Sensing:Concepts and ApplicationsAnil Varma
B982Human resource managementRae Simons
B983Numerical Analysis for StatisticiansKenneth Lange
B984Research MethodologySR Singh
B985Satellite Systems Engineering in an IPv6 EnvironmentDaniel Minoli
B986Simulation of Complex Systems in GISPatrice Langlois
B987Statistical Data Analysis: A Practical GuideMilan Meloun, J
B988Statistical Methods for Quality ImprovementThomas P. Ryan
B989Statistical Methods of Geophysical Data ProcessingV. Vladimir Nikolaevich Troian,
B990Storm and Cloud DynamicsWilliam R. Cotton
B991Time Series Analysis and Forecasting by ExampleSoren Bisgaard
B992Transceiver and System Design for Digital CommunicationsScott Bullock
B993Remote sensing in rural development-1988ISRS
B994Proceedings of national symposium on engineering applications of remote sensing and Recent AdvancesISRS
B995Remote Sensing for agricultural application-1990ISRS
B996Remote Sensing Application for Resource Management With Special Emphasis on North Eastern region -1993ISRS
B997Symposium on remote sensing for Environmental montoring and Management with Special Emphasis on hill Regions-1994ISRS
B998National Symposium on remote sensing of environmet with special emphasis on green Revolution-1995ISRS
B999Remote Sensing for Nataral Resources with Special Emphasis on water ManagementISRS
B1000National Symposium on Remote Sensing for Natural Resources with Special Emphasis an water ManagementISRS
B1001National Symposium on Remote Sensing for Natural Resources-1997ISRS
B1002Remote sensing and geographical Information system for Natural Resources Management-1998ISRS
B1003Remote Sensing applications for Natural ResourcesISRS
B1004Remote Sensing Applications for natural Resources -1994ISRS
B1005Spatial Technologies for natural Haords Management-2000ISRS
B1006Geomorphology of the Indian SubcortinemtISRS
B1007Hyperspectral data analysis techniques and applicationsRR Navalgund
B1008Fundamental Electrical and Electronic PrinciplesC R R Robertson
B1009Power Quality in Power Systems and Electrical MachinesEwald Fuchs,
B1010Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers Concepts, Methods and PracticesJacob Bear
B1011Descriptive Physical OceanographyLynne D. Talley
B1013Applied Time Series AnalysisHenry L. Gray
B1014Swamy's Handbook - 2012Muthuswamy
B1015Coastal HydrodynamicsJ. S. Mani
B1016Outliers in statistical dataV Barnett
B1017Mathematical methods in the physical sciencesMary L Boas
B1018National Electrical code-2011BIS India
B1019National Electrical code-2011BIS India
B1020Transducers and InstrumentationD. V. S. MURTY
B1021Hydrologic Time series analysisMachiwal, Deepesh
B1022Ocean DynamicsDirk Olbers
B1023Exemptions Under the Right to Infromation ActCenter for Good Governance
B1024Intraseasonal Variability in the Atmosphere-Ocean Climate SystemLau, William K M
B1025Indian Tide Tables 2013Survey of India
B1026Marine Mammal species of IndiaVivekanandan, E
B1027Dynamic data assimilationJohn M Lewis
B1028Buoyancy effect in fluidsJS Turner
B1029Monitoring of Harmful Algal BloomsPettersson, Lasse H
B1030Monitoring of Harmful Algal BloomsPettersson, Lasse H
B1031Waves in the Ocean and AtmospherePedlosky, Joseph
B1032Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate DynamicsMarshall, John
B1033Visualizing Climate ChangeStephen, RJ
B1034Discrete Inverse and State Estimation ProblemsWunsch, Carl
B1035Geophysical Data Analysis: Discrete Inverse TheoryMenke, William
B1036Time Series Analysis and Inverse Theory for GeophysicistsDavid Gubbins
B1037Dynamic data assimilationJohn M Lewis
B1038The atmospheric boundary layerGarratt, JR
B1039Data AssimilationGeir Evensen
B1040Small Scale Processes in Geophysical Fluid FlowsLakshmi H. Kantha
B1041Time Series Analysis in Meteorology and ClimatologyClaude Duchon
B1042Boundary-Layer Meteorology - 25th Anniversary Volume, 1970-1995R. Garratt
B1043Introduction to Time Series ModelingGenshiro Kitagawa
B1044Excel VBA Programming For DummiesJohn Walkenbach
B1045Networking All in One for DummiesDoug Lowe
B1046SAP Basic Administration Handbook: Network EditionRanjit Merredy
B1047Squaring the circleAPJ Abdul Kalam
B1048The Chilean Earthquake and Tsunami 2010Luz Alicia Cárdenas-Jirón
B1049TsunamiS. Mambretti
B1050Buoyancy-Driven FlowsEric Chassignet
B1051Introduction to the Physical and Biological Oceanography of Shelf SeasJohn H. Simpson
B1052Applied Spatial Data Analysis with RRoger S. Bivand
B1053MSP430 Microcontroller BasicsJohn H. Davies
B1054Finacial reporting with SAPAylin Korkmaz
B1055Indian Tide Table-2014Surveyor Genral of India
B1056Indian Tide Table-2014Surveyor Genral of India
B1057Ocean Modelling and ParameterizationEric P. Chassignet
B1058Measuring Ocean CurrentsJoseph, D
B1059Measuring Ocean CurrentsJoseph, D
B1060Climate change and Climate modelingNeelin, J David
B1061Delhi schedule of Rates-2013CPWD
B1062Delhi schedule of Rates-2013 (E&M)CPWD
B1063Delhi work manualsCPWD
B1064CPWD specifications Vol.1CPWD
B1065CPWD specifications Vol.2CPWD
B1066Monitoring and Prediction of Tropical Cyclones in the Indian Ocean and Climate ChangeMohanty, U.C.
B1067Antennas for Global navigation satellite systemChen, Xiaodong
B1068Swamy's Handbook - 2014Muthuswamy
B1069Advanced English GrammerHewings Martin
B1070An Introduction to Fluid DynamicsBatchelor, GK
B1071Core Java- An Integrated approachR Nageshwar Rao
B1072Intermediate English GrammerMurphy, Raymond
B1073Linear Algebra and Its applicationGilbert Strang
B1074Enterprise development with FlexYakov Fain
B1075Java script & jQueryDavid SM
B1076Python for data analysisWes Mckinney
B1077Measuring the Oceans from Space:The principles and methods of SatelliteOceanographyRobinson, Ian S
B1078Advanced Engineering MathematicsErwin Kreyszig
B1079The Earth SystemKump, Lee R
B1080A brief history of timeStephen Hawking
B1081Fluid MechanicsLandau, LD
B1082The Grand DesignStephen Hawking
B1083The Art of NegotiationMichael Wheeler
B1084Spatial MathematicsSandra Lach Arlinghaus
B1085Ocean Circulation and Climate:Observing amd Modelling the Global OceanSiedler, Gerold
B1086Java Persistence with HibernateBauer, Christian
B1087Word Power Made EasyLewis, Norman
B1088Extreme Natural Hazards, Disaster Risks and Societal ImplicationsAndrzej Kijko
B1089Extreme Natural Hazards, Disaster Risks and Societal ImplicationsAndrzej Kijko
B1091Satellite GeodesyGünter Seeber
B1092Statistical Methods in the Atmospheric SciencesDaniel S. Wilks
B1093Calculating the weatherFrederik Nebeker
B1094Advanced Engineering MathematicsMichael Greenberg
B1095An Introduction to Ocean Remote SensingSeelye Martin
B1096GPS GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou for Mobile devicesIvan G. Petrovski
B1097CCNA CISCO certified Network Associate Study GuideRichard Deal
B1098RHCSA/RHCE Redhat Linux certification study guideMichael Jang
B1099Fluid MechanicsPijush Kundu
B1100Tagging and tracking of marine animals with electronic devicesJennifier L Nielsen
B1101Computers in Fisheries ResearchBernard A. Megrey
B1102Methodologies for studying finfish & shellfish biologyCMFRI
B1103Tuna Fishery biology and managementNGK Pillai
B1104Indian Fishery HandbookMPEDA
B1105Commercial Fin fishes & shell fishes of IndiaMPEDA
B1106Schaum's Outline of GeometryBarnett Rich
B1107Schaum's Outline of General TopologySeymour Lipschutz
B1108Schaum's Outline of CalculusFrank Ayres
B1109Mere Desh ki DhartiRashmi Bansal
B1110India 2020APJ Abdul Kalam
B1111Modeling Atmospheric and Oceanic FlowsThomas von Larcher
B1112Search Inside YourselfChade-Meng Tan
B1113The Mechanics of Earthquakes and FaultingChristopher H. Scholz
B1114Schaum's Outline of Introduction to Probability and StatisticsSeymour Lipschutz
B1115Data Assimilation for Atmospheric, Oceanic and Hydrologic ApplicationsSeon Ki Park
B1116The Near-Surface Layer of the OceanAlexander Soloviev
B1117Modern Global SeismologyThorne Lay
B1118Polarimetric Scattering and SAR Information RetrievalYa-Qiu Jin
B1119Troubleshooting IP Routing ProtocolsZaheer Aziz
B1120An Introduction to the Chemistry of the SeaMichael E. Q. Pilson
B1121Basic Chemical ThermodynamicsBrian Smith E
B1122Double-Diffusive ConvectionTimour Radko
B1123Introduction to Geophysical Fluid DynamicsBenoit Cushman-Roisin
B1124Mesoscale-Convective Processes in the AtmosphereRobert J. Trapp
B1125Mining of Massive DatasetsJure Leskovec
B1126Modern FortranNorman S. Clerman
B1127Nonlinear Climate DynamicsHenk A. Dijkstra
B1128Numerical Computing with Modern FortranRichard J. Hanson
B1129Partial Differential EquationsHarumi Hattori
B1130Spectral Numerical Weather Prediction ModelsMartin Ehrendorfer
B1131The Finite-Difference Modelling of Earthquake MotionsPeter Moczo
B1132Antennas for Base Stations in Wireless CommunicationsZhi Ning Chen
B1133EarthJonathan I. Lunine
B1134Encyclopedia of Remote SensingEni G Njoku
B1135Feature Extraction & Image Processing for Computer VisionMark S. Nixon
B1136Fundamentals of Electric Power EngineeringMassimo Ceraolo
B1137Geostationary Satellites CollocationHengnian Li
B1138Geotechnical Predictions and Practice in Dealing with GeohazardsJian Chu
B1139Instrumentation in Earthquake SeismologyJ. Havskov
B1140Mesoscale-Convective Processes in the AtmosphereRobert J. Trapp
B1141Numerical Methods with Worked ExamplesWoodford C
B1142The Worldwide Crisis in FisheriesColin W. Clark
B1143Thermodynamics of the Earth and PlanetsAlberto Pati Douce
B1144Water Quality Concepts, Sampling, and AnalysesYuncong Li, Kati Migliaccio
B1145An Introduction to Probability and Statistical InferenceGeorge G. Roussas
B1146Climate Change and Coastal EcosystemsRobert J. Livingston
B1147Coastal HazardsCharles W. Finkl
B1148Conducting an effective & successful training programmeBharat S sontakki
B1149Conservation of fishery resourcesBiswas KP
B1150Data Analysis Methods in Physical OceanographyRichard E. Thomson
B1151Data Assimilation for Atmospheric, Oceanic and Hydrologic Applications (Vol. II)Seon Ki Park
B1152Differential Equations with MATLABMark A McKibben
B1153Innovations in 3D Geo-information SciencesUmit Isikdag
B1154Intermediate StatisticsBrett W. Pelham
B1155Introduction to Numerical ProgrammingTitus A. Beu
B1156Principle and Application Progress in Location-based ServicesChun Liu
B1157Realtime Data MiningAlexander Paprotny
B1158Relating System Quality and Software ArchitectureIvan Mistrik
B1159The Finite Element Method:Mats G. Larson
B1160The shad Hilsa, Its Biology and fisheryDilip Kumar De
B1161Handbook of Data Structures and ApplicationsDinesh P. Mehta
B1162Applied MathematicsJ. David Logan
B1163Biological OceanographyCharles B. Miller
B1164Breaking and Dissipation of Ocean Surface WavesAlexander Babanin
B1165Climate Change 2013Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
B1166Essentials of the Earth's Climate SystemRoger G. Barry
B1167Geographical Information SystemsElaheh Pourabbas
B1168Guide to Process Based Modeling of Lakes and Coastal SeasAnders Omstedt
B1169Practical Seismic Data AnalysisHua Wei Zhou
B1170River Discharge to the Coastal OceanJohn D. Milliman
B1171Severe Convective Storms and TornadoesHoward B. Bluestein
B1172Software Modeling and DesignHassan Gomaa
B1173The Seismic Analysis CodeGeorge Helffrich
B1174The Weather Observer's HandbookStephen Burt
B1175Ant Se SuruaatAnupam Manav
B1176Computer GraphicsAlexey Boreskov
B1177Data Structures,Algorithms&Applications Inc++Sahni Sartaj
B1178Elementary Statistical Quality ControlJohn T. Burr
B1179fluid mechanicsJoseph H. Spurk
B1180Data VisualizationAlexandru C. Telea
B1181Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Inertial Navigation, and IntegrationMohinder S. Grewal
B1182Information TechnologyRichard Fox
B1183Introduction to Compiler Construction in a Java WorldBill Campbell
B1184Introduction to Numerical and Analytical Methods with MATLAB for Engineers and ScientistsWilliam Bober
B1185Introductory ChemistryCharles H. Corwin
B1186Object Oriented Programming In C++Robert Lafore
B1187Ocean Atmosphere Interactions of Gases and ParticlesPeter Liss,
B1188Research methodology a step-by-step guide for beginnersRanjit Kumar
B1189The Atmosphere and OceanNeil C. Wells
B1190A Guide to modeling coastal morphologyDano Roelvink
B1191Ocean Surface WavesStanislaw R Massel
B1192Numerical Modeling of Ocean dynamicsZ kowalik
B1193Optical Radiometry for Ocean Climate MeasurementGiuseppe Zibordi
B1194Building Earth Observation CamerasGeorge Joseph
B1195Building Earth Observation CamerasGeorge Joseph
B1196Indian Tide Table-2015Survey of India
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