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(An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India)

IOGOOS-I Conference



Name of the Abstract


1 Regional Interests in Ocean, Climate and Coastal Observing System S.R. Shetye K. Radhakrishnan
2 Status of the Ocean and Climate Observing System G. Meyers
3 The role of the Indian Ocean in Asian/Australian/African Monsoons and climate predictability : A review of what is known about Monsoon variability and its links to the Indian Ocean./a> P Webster
4 The integrated design plan for coastal GOOS T. Malone
5 Hyperspectral imaging for environmental monitoring W. McKeown
6 Exploring The Impacts Of Ocean - Climate Variability On Marine Resources Along The East African Coast : A Prototype Multi-Disciplinary Project M. Jury, J. Maina T. McClanaha L. Rydberg
7 Impacts of ocean climate variability on large marine ecosystems - a perspective from the tuna fisheries in the Indian Ocean F. Marsac, J. Gunn P. Lehody, W. B. White Y. M. Tourre
8 Operational Ocean Analysis N. Smith, J. Turton Mahadevan
9 Tropical Indian Ocean mooring array: Present status and future plans Y. Masumoto, G. Meyers V.S.N. Murty, J.Vialard M. J. McPhaden, M. Jury P. Hacker, R. Molcard
10 Scientific basis and plans for Argo float array S. Wijffels C. Reason K Radhakrishnan
11 Scientific basis and Plans for XBT network in the Indian Ocean V.V.Gopalakrishna G .Meyers
12 An array of current meter moorings in the Mozambique Channel: results from a pilot study and plans for future observations H. Ridderinkhof W.P.M. de Ruijter
13 Presentation of Meteo-France marine activities in the Indian Ocean L. Perron
14 GCOS Action Plan for Eastern and Southern Africa Appadu
15 Importance of the salinity changes in driving the SST and the rainfalls in the Indian Ocean C. Perigaud J.P.McCreary (IPRC) D.J.Neelin (UCLA)
16 Importance of the daily and decadal fluctuations of the wind and rainfall in driving the circulation and temperatures of the Indian Ocean C. Perigaud
17 Indian Ocean Climate Research Data Centers P. Hacker, E. Desa K. Radhakrishnan S. Wijffels
18 The Global Climate Observing System - Summary for IOGOOS GCOS Secretariat
19 State estimation using satellite data to study seasonal-to-interannual variabilities of the Indian Ocean Tony Lee
20 Sub-seasonal Indian Ocean Variability and Climate G. Vecchi, E Harrison
21 Health-Status Of The Coastal Marine Environment Of India M D Zingdet
22 Indian Ocean ITF Robert Molcard