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Operational Services Training to Eastern Naval Command Officers
Organized by
International Training Centre for Operational Oceanography (ITCOocean)
ESSO-INCOIS, Hyderabad, India


The current course will provide exposure to the Naval officers who are serving at Eastern Naval Command, on products and services developed by INCOIS mainly the Marine Met Atlas (MaMeAt), Sound Velocity Atlas (SoVeAt) and he SARAT tool developed by Ocean State Forecast division of INCOIS. INCOIS has developed specialised online tools like the Search And Rescue Aid Tool (SARAT) for supporting search and rescue operations in the sea, in case of any untoward incidents in the sea. Regular ocean state forecasts (winds, waves, currents, tides) covering the geographical region of their interests is also provided routinely, for movement of their vehicles. Also INCOIS have developed MaMeAT and SoVeT tools for operational use by Indian navy from marine meteorological data and sub-surface profiles measured by Argo floats. Hands on to use products will also imparted as a part of this training. Apart from these, they will be exposed to the Indian Tsunami Early Warning Services, Remote Sensing data reception and processing and instruments used for obtaining in situ data from the ocean. This will be helpful to the officers, who are going to be placed in various operations of Indian Navy. The course is designed to be a mix of Lab visits and theoretical sessions, covering the areas of interest.

Aims and Objectives

  • Over view of INCOIS activities.
  • Understand the data and products on ocean state forecast for operations.
  • Understanding the Tsunami decision support systems.
  • Exposure to products and services of INCOIS.
  • Hands on GUI tools and usage.
  • Lab visits to various operational divisions of INCOIS.

Learning Outcome

  • Knowledge and understanding of INCOIS services and products.
  • Capability to use the web based software independently from their centres
  • Handling the specialised tools developed for operational use if need arise.
  • Target Audience

    Target audience is limited to the following:

  • Officers of Eastern Naval Command (HQENC), Visakhapatnam.

Application Process

Only by invitation

Course Date

05th September, 2019 

Faculty Members (proposed):

  • Dr. TVS Udaya Bhaskar
  • Dr. R. Hari Kumar
  • Mr. J. Pavan Kumar
  • Dr. K. Srinivas
  • Mr. Ramakrishna Phani
  • Mr. Kaviyazhahu


International Training Centre for Operational Oceanography (ITCOocean)
Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS)
(Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India)
"Ocean Valley", Pragathi Nagar (B.O.)
Nizampet (S.O.), HYDERABAD - 500 090

For Any questions please contact

Dr. TVS Udaya Bhaskar
Head, Training and Programme Planning and Management Group (TPG)

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