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Following information are provided to emphasise modification that may may have impacts on tools using TropFlux products.

version 1 (v1)


Data updated until December 2013.
TropFlux webpage migrated from to
Single netcdf file for each variable is now split year-wise files.


Data updated until March 2013


Data updated until July 2012


We have now released a version 1 of the TropFLux product. In comparison with the version 0 (described in Praveen Kumar et al. 2012), this new version has the following differences:

  • the availability of ERA-I data over the full 1979 to september 2011 period allowed us to provide v1 for this period (v0 was for 1989-2010)
  • v1 now includes estimates for wind stresses, which are described and evaluated in Praveen Kumar et al. 2013)
  • the retrieval method for radiative fluxes has slightly changed (0-24 hour averages whereas the previous version was based on 24-48h averages from the previous day forecast). This has a very minor impact on the validation statistics and all the validations presented in Praveen Kumar et al. 2012 are almost unchanged.
  • the value for land points in v0 was causing problem when opening the file under ferret. v1 seems to solve this problem.

version 0 (v0)


  • correction of and due to unappropriated unit conversion


  • reprocessing from 1989 to 2010
  • new terminology
  • new location of daily files daily/
  • only one field/file
  • add monthly time scale in monthly
  • C instead of K for temperature units