ESSO-INCOIS-Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

ESSO - Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

(An Autonomous Body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India)
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Group Division Prime Responsibilities
Operational Ocean Services & Applied Research (OSAR) Operational Ocean Services (OOS) Ecosystem Services (Potential Fishing Zone, Coral Bleaching Alert, Harmful Algal Bloom) and Multi-Hazard Early Warning Services (Tsunami Early Warning, Storm Surge Early Warning, Ocean State Forecast, High Waves, S & R, Oil Spill, etc.)
Applied Research and Research to Operations (ARO) Service Enhancements, Research to Operations, Product Validation, User Engagement, Commercialization
Ocean Observation, Modeling & Data Assimilation (OMDA) Ocean Observation Network (OON) Ocean observation Platforms, Process specific observations
Ocean Modeling & Data Assimilation (MDA) Ocean and Coastal Modelling, Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Modelling, Data Assimilation, Model enhancements through process studies
Information & Communication Technology and Data Management (ICTD) Ocean Data Management (ODM) Data Acquisition & Processing, Quality Control, Data Products
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Computing Facilities, Communication Facilities & Ground Stations, Application Software Development, Engineering Services & Estate Management
........ Program Planning & Coordination and Capacity Development (PPC) Program Management, Communication & Outreach, International Affairs, Regional Centres, ITCO-Ocean Programmes, Competency Development, Academic Programmes, Knowledge Resource Centre
........ Executive Support Services (ESS) Accounts & Finance, Purchase & Stores, Personnel & General Administration

ESSO-INCOIS Society (w.e.f 2001 onwards)

1.Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Earth Sciences President
2.Director, National Remote Sensing Centre, Hyderabad Vice President
3.Joint Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences Member
4.Advisor, Ministry of Earth Sciences Member
5.Director, National Institute of Oceanography, Goa Member
6.Director, National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai Member
7.Director, National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research, Goa Member
8.Director, Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services General Secretary

ESSO-INCOIS Governing Council (w.e.f. 13.06.2017 to 3 years or till further orders)

1.Secretary, MoESChairman (Ex-officio)
2.Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor/Joint Secretary & Financial Advisor, MoESMember (Ex-officio)
3.Additional Secretary/ Joint Secretary, MoES,Member (Ex-officio)
4.Dr. Satish R Shetye, Former Vice Chancellor, Goa University & Chairman, INCOIS - RACMember
5.Dr. R. R. Navalgund, ISRO, Bangalore Member
6.Director, NRSC, HyderabadMember (Ex-officio)
7.Director, IITM, PuneMember (Ex-officio)
8.Director, NIO, GoaMember (Ex-officio)
9.Head, NCMRWF, NoidaMember (Ex-officio)
10.Programme Head (INCOIS), MoES Permanent Invitee (Ex-officio)
11.Representative, NITI Aayog Invitee
12.Director, INCOIS, Hyderabad Member Secretary

ESSO-INCOIS Finance Committee (w.e.f. 12.07.2017 to 3 years or till further orders)

1.Additional Secretary & Financial Advisor/ Joint Secretary & Financial Advisor, MoESChairman (Ex-officio)
2.Additional Secretary/ Joint Secretary, MoESMember (Ex-officio)
3.Programme Head (INCOIS), MoESMember (Ex-officio)
4.Director (Finance) /Deputy Secretary (Finance), MoESMember (Ex-officio)
5.Director, INCOIS, Hyderabad Member (Ex-officio)
6.Senior Administrative Officer, INCOIS, HyderabadMember (Ex-officio)
7.Finance Officer / Accounts Officer, INCOIS, Hyderabad Member Secretary (Ex-officio)

ESSO-INCOIS Research Advisory Committee RAC (w.e.f. 28.10.2020 to 3 years)

1.Dr. Satish R Shetye, Former Vice Chancellor, Goa University Chairman
2.Dr. Prakash Chauhan, Director, IIRSMember
3.Dr. Raj Kumar, Deputy Director, SAC, DOS, AhmedabadMember
4.Dr. A Gopalakrishnan, Director, CMFRI, ICAR, KochiMember
5.Dr. Vineet Kumar Gahalaut, Chief Scientist, NGRI, Hyderabad Member
6.Dr. D. Sivanand Pai, Scientist 'G', CRS, IMD PuneMember
7.Prof. Raghu Murtugudde, Professor, UML, USAMember
8.Dr. Shubha Sathyendranath, Scientist, PML, UKMember
9.Dr. Eric D' Asaro, Professor, APL, USAMember
10.Dr. T. Srinivasa Kumar, Director, INCOIS, HyderabadMember
11.Dr. Sudheer Joseph, Scientist 'F' & Division Head ARO, INCOIS Member Secretary

ESSO-INCOIS Management Council(w.e.f. 21.12.2020 to 3 years or till further orders)

1.Director, INCOISChairman
2.Group Director, ICTD Member
3.Group Director, OSARMember
4.Group Director, OMDA Member
5.All Division Heads Members
6.Head, PPCConvener