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2019Arnab Mukherjee, Abhisek Chatterjee & P. A. FrancisRole of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in eddy formation along western boundary of the Bay of Bengal.
2019Abhisek Chatterjee, B. Praveen Kumar, Satya Prakash & Prerna SinghAnnihilation of the Somali upwelling system during summer monsoon
2019B. Rohith, Arya Paul, Fabien Durand, Laurent Testut, S. Prerna, M. Afroosa, S. S. V. S. Ramakrishna & S. S. C. ShenoiBasin-wide sea level coherency in the tropical Indian Ocean driven by Madden-Julian Oscillation
2019S Prerna , Abhisek Chatterjee , A.Mukherjee , M Ravichandran and S S C ShenoiWyrtki Jets: Role of intraseasonal forcing
2019 A.Mukherjee and B. K. KalitaSignature of La Nina in interannual variations of the East India Coastal Current during spring.