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IndOOS OriginSea Level (and tsunami links)

Sea level data from the Indian Ocean is available from the University of Hawaii Sea Level Center (UHSLC), which is a research facility of the University of Hawaii/NOAA Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research within the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology. The mission of the UHSLC is to collect, process, distribute, and analyze in-situ tide-gauge data from around the world in support of climate research. Primary support for the UHSLC comes from NOAA's Office of Global Programs (OGP); funding also comes from NASA under the JASON program for the development of In-Situ Tide Gauge/Stations for Monitoring the Temporal Drift of Satellite Altimeters. The UHSLC also hosts the Joint Archive for Sea Level (JASL), a collaborative effort with the National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC).

The UHSLC website is at:

The INCOIS website is at:

Real-time and delayed mode quality control is done at the UHSLC. Data from several stations are made available in real time to the GTS and at the center; many more stations are available in delayed mode.