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International Training Centre for Operational Oceanography (ITCOocean)

Training Workshop on "Ocean Information Services for Cyclone Forecasters" was held during April 2-3, 2014. Twenty two Cyclone Forecasters from India Meteorological Department attended the course organized at INCOIS.

Twenty two Cyclone Forecasters from India Meteorological Department attended the course organized at INCOIS.

Agenda / Programme

April 2, 2014 (Wednesday)
0900-0915 hrsRegistration
0915-0945 hrsOpening session
Welcome Remarks- Dr. SS C Shenoi, Director, INCOIS
About the Workshop- B M Rao, INCOIS
Address by Chief Guest - Dr. L S Rathore, DGM, IMD
Introduction of the Participants
0945-1015 hrsINCOIS Activities by Director, INCOIS      View Presentation
1015-1100 hrsIndian Ocean Forecasting System (INDOFOS)
Dr. T M Balakrishnan Nair, INCOIS      View Presentation
1100-1115 hrsHigh Tea
1115-1200 hrsOcean response to Tropical Cyclones
Dr. M Ravichandran, INCOIS      View Presentation
1200-1300 hrsRole of Ocean Observational System for Early Warning of Extreme Weather Events , Dr. M Mohapatra, IMD      View Presentation
1300-1400 hrsLUNCH
1400-1445 hrsSatellite and In-situ Data for Marine Environment
Mr. E Pattabhi Rama Rao, INCOIS      View Presentation
1445-1515 hrsWave Forecasting System-Ms. Sandhya K G      View Presentation
1515-1600 hrsForecasting General Circulation features-Dr. Francis P A     View Presentation
1600-1615 hrsTea
1615-1645 hrsForcing parameters for ocean forecasting-Dr. Harikumar
1645-1715 hrsTide Forecasting - Dr. K Srinivas      View Presentation
1715-1745 hrsStorm Surge Modeling - Mr. PLN Murthy      View Presentation      Download Video Clip
1800 hrsDeparture
April 3, 2014 (Thursday)
0900 -1000 hrsMarine Forecast by DDGM (WF), IMD      View Presentation
1015-1115 hrsVisit to Tsunami Warning Centre
1115-1130 hrs Tea
1130-1230 hrsVisit to Satellite ground station
1230-1330 hrsLUNCH
1330-1430hrsVisit to Laboratories (OSF, PFZ)
1430-1500 hrsConcluding Session
Feedback from participants about workshop
Information gaps, if any, Suggestions for improvement
Vote of Thanks Tea

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List of Participants

List of Participants from India Meteorological Department
2-4 Apr 2014

1. Dr.L.S.Rathore, DGM IMD
2. Sh.B.K.Bandyopadhyay, Sc. F & DDGM(S)
3. Dr. M.Mohapatra, Sc. E & Head RSMC
4. Dr. Kamaljit Ray, Sc. E, Head Nowcasting Unit
5. Dr.S.R.Ramanan, Sc. E, ACWC Chennai
6. Ms.S.Stella, Sc .D, ACWC Chennai
7. Dr.G.C.Debnath, Sc. E, ACWC Kolkata
8. Sh.G.K.Das, Sc C, ACWC Kolkata
9. Dr.V.K.Rajeev, Sc .D, ACWC Mumbai
10. Dr.S.C. Sahu, Sc .E, CWC Bhubneswar
11. Dr. K.Ramachandra Rao, Sc. D, CWC Vishakhapatnam
12. Dr. Jayant Sarkar, Sc .E, CWC Ahmedabad
13. Dr. Manorama Mohanty, Sc. C, CWC Ahmedabad
14. Dr.P.C.S.Rao, Sc. D, INOSHAC Pune
15. Dr.Sunitha Devi, Sc. D, DDGM(WF) Pune
16. Shri. Y.K.Reddy, Sc. E, MC Hyderabad
17. Shri K. Seetaram, Sc. E, MC Hyderabad
18. Dr. (Mrs) K. Nagaratna, Sc. C, MC Hyderabad
19. Shri MN Rao, AM-I, MC Hyderabad
20. Shri D. Somanath, AM-I, MC Hyderabad
21. Shri B. Raja Rao, AM-I, MC Hyderabad
22. Shri V. Bhanu Prasad, AM-II, MC Hyderabad