Ocean Decade Actions are the tangible initiatives carried out across the globe over the course of the Decade to achieve "the science we need for the ocean we want". More than 350 Actions are being implemented globally today, with many more expected over the next eight years, by research institutes, governments, UN entities, intergovernmental organizations, business and industry, philanthropic and corporate foundations, NGOs, ocean sports, educators, community groups, and more. Decade actions could be in the form of Activities, Contributions, Programmes or Projects.

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay, Pexels

Photo Courtesy: Riccardo Vespa, Pexels


Actions contribute to fulfilling the 10 Ocean Decade Challenges, which articulate the most immediate priorities for the Ocean Decade

  1. Understand and beat marine pollution
  2. Protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity
  3. Sustainably feed the global population
  4. Develop a sustainable and equitable ocean economy
  5. Unlock ocean-based solutions to climate change
  6. Increase community resilience to ocean hazards
  7. Expand the global ocean observing system
  8. Create a digital representation of the ocean
  9. Skills, knowledge and technology for all
  10. Change humanity's relationship with the ocean


Awakening the humankind along an entire ocean basin is not an easy task. To achieve this we reply on partnerships with various organizations and frameworks – through and beyond the ocean decade network

Collaborations other than Ocean Decade endorsed programmes or projects: Coming Soon.

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Programmes are large-scale initiatives implemented at the global or regional scale and will contribute to the achievement of one or more of the Ocean Decade Challenges. They will be long-term, multi-year, and typically interdisciplinary and multi-national. They should be comprised of component projects, which may or may not be fully or partially defined at the time of endorsement.

Programmes working with DCC-IOR: Coming Soon.


Projects are discrete and focused undertakings. They may be regional, national or subnational and will typically contribute to an identified Ocean Decade programme.

Projects working with DCC-IOR: Coming Soon