Indian Ocean Regional Decade Conference 2024

Bridging billions to Barcelona

An Official Prelude to the 2024 Ocean Decade Conference

1-3 February 2024

Challenge: 10 Change humanity's relationship with the ocean

Date: 3 Feb, 2024,
Session: Forenoon (1000-1300h IST)
Session Chair: Prof. Raghu Murtugudde
Session Coordinators: Dr. Francis P, INCOIS, India + International expert TBD
Rapporteur: Ms. Prerna Singh, INCOIS
Venue: Atal Bhavan (ITCOO), First Floor, Hall-2 (e-Class Room).





1000-1030 IST WG Co-Chairs or rep. (Dr. Diz Glithero / Dr. Nicola Bridge) / DCU rep Vision 2030 White Paper of the Challenge
1030-1045 IST Dr. Achare Elvis Ayamba,Founder & Executive Director Environment and Food Foundation, Cameroon OCEAN Education as strategy to face OCEAN-climate issues for Sustainable Development
1045-1100 IST Prof. Raghu Murtugudde Emeritus Professor, University of Maryland, USA Oceans and Humans - Lessons from Sustainable Economics
1100-1115 IST Ms. Isabelle Thomas Social Innovator BhuME Woman, India Molding young minds: Nurturing love for our Oceans'
1115-1130 IST Dr. Thamban Meloth, Director, ESSO-NCPOR, India Warming of the Polar Regions - Impacts and Tropical Teleconnections
1130-1200 IST High Tea
1200-1215 IST Dr. Sourav Paul Director, Estuarine and Coastal Studies Foundation, India From plankton to cyclone research and institution building: businessing with estuaries
1215-1245 IST Speakers of the session along with,
  • Prof. K. V. Jayachandran , KUFOS
  • Dr. Velvizhi S, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, India
  • Mr. Senthilkumaran S., Reliance Foundation, India
Panel Discussion
1245-1300 IST Session Summary and Conclusion

Vision 2030 White Paper for Challenge 10: Download
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