List of Publications demonstrating various applications of the forecasts from WAVEWATCHIII and their accuracies.

  1. Remya P G, Rabi Ranjan T, Sirisha P, R Harikumar, T M Balakrishnan Nair, 2020, Indian Ocean Wave Forecasting System for wind waves: Development and its substantial verification. Journal of operational oceanography, doi: 10.1080/1755876X.2020.1771811
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List of Publications demonstrating various applications of the forecasts from HYCOM-OGCM and their accuracies.

  1. A Report on implementation of operational Global and Indian Ocean HYCOM at INCOIS. Sudheer Joseph, Srinivasu U.,Vijay P., Aswanth Srinivasan & Siva Reddy S (2018), ESSO-INCOIS-CSG-TR-01 (2018)
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  3. Forecasting Tropical Cyclones in the Indian Ocean: A HYCOM-HWRF coupled system, Sudheer Joseph, A Srivastava, A K Das, A Sharma, A Mehra, Hyun-Sook Kim, D Iredell, S Gopalkrishnan, K J Ramesh, M Mohapatra, S S C Shenoi & M Rajeevan 2020, Geography and You, 20(6-7): 48-53
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  5. Simulating the spatial and temporal distribution of oil spill over the coral reef environs along the southeast coast of Mauritius: A case study on MV Wakashio vessel wreckage, August 2020, Prasad, S., Nair, T., Joseph, S. and Mohanty, P. (2022), Journal of Earth System Science 131(1), 1-10
  6. Impacts of sea-surface temperatures on rapid intensification and mature phases of super cyclone Amphan-2020, Vishwakarma, V., Patnaik, S., Chakraborty, T., Joseph, S. and Mitra, A. (2022), Journal of Earth System Science 131(1), 1-21.
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  9. A combined numerical and neural technique for short term prediction of ocean currents in the Indian Ocean. Dauji Saha, MC. Deo, Sudheer Joseph and Kapilesh Bhargava. Environmental Systems Research, Vol. 5, No.1, pages: 4, 2016


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