INCOIS Remote sensing data and products

To manage real-time applications; Ground stations play a key role in Satellite data acquisition and processing systems (SDAPS), INCOIS established 3 Ground stations(X/L- Since 2006, Oceansat2- since Feb2011 & NPP- Since Apr2016 ) to meet the in-house operational advisory services and acquire AVHRR (Metop-A, Metop-B, NOAA-18 & NOAA-19) , VIIRS (Soumi-NPP), MODIS (AQUA &TERRA) &OCM(Oceansat-2).

Fig: The schematic figure shows the data products and flows to the user and the application

Satellites provide broad viewing and frequent observations; INCOIS Ground Stations cover the Northern Indian Ocean domain (0 N-30 N; 40 E-110 E) for real-time operational marine applications. In the presentation, we will explain the basics of remote sensing and data collection methods from polar-orbit and geosynchronous satellites, as well as Ocean remote sensing applications with case studies as described below.