Title Ocean State Forecast (General Circulation)
Model Description Forecast of ocean state variables such as surface currents, temperature and salinity are generated by a global HYCOM model. The atmospheric forcing (winds, radiation etc.) is taken from the NOAA's Global Forecast System.
Horizontal resolution and Vertical levels 0.25x0.25 and 6 levels
Variables (units) Ocean Currents (m/s), Temperature (C), Salinity (PSU), Mixed Layer Depth (MLD; m), Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential (TCHP; J/m2) and Sea Surface Height (SSH; m)

Mixed Layer Depth (MLD): The MLD is computed based on a temperature criterion wherein the MLD is regarded as the depth at which the temperature drops to 0.8° C from its surface value (Kara et al. 2008).

Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential (TCHP): The TCHP is computed as the heat content between the sea surface and the 26° isotherm.

Sea Surface Height (SSH): The SSH is the elevation of sea surface above the reference ellipsoid from the model.
Domain Spatial Extent: 20 E - 140 E, 80 S - 30 N

Data provider INCOIS (Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services)
Keywords Ocean physics